6 cult best friends stir up the world fashion village

6 cult best friends stir up the world fashion village

Fashion is often labeled as unfriendly and has a proud ego. In fact, the movie world always knows how to “drama” every story according to the inherent glamor of the catwalks. The concept of BFF in the fashion industry is even extended to two more characters. BFFFF stands for Best-Famous-Fashion-Friends-Forever. The following six famous “matches of cards” will also partially neutralize this ironic prejudice about this beautiful friendship.

6 cult best friends stir up the world fashion village

Not only friends, Kendall and Gigi suddenly became distant relatives after many marriages of their parents. Caitlyn Jenner (Kendall’s father) was once married to Linda Thompson, after their divorce, Linda remarried Gigi’s ex-stepfather David Foster. Gigi explained in an interview: “It’s like when we were in school, we wanted our best friends to marry our siblings so we could all live together. Kendall and I didn’t even need to beg for it.” However, both long legs do not know each other by the overlapping relationships of their parents. They met and became close from the modeling career.

Gigi once confirmed to the New York Post that she and Kendall have no competition at work: “Our relationship is very smooth. Often brands have chosen Kendall, which means that my image doesn’t match their orientation . ” In addition to the daily walks, fans also have the opportunity to witness the two’s “luxurious” interactions at fashion week or big red carpet events.

Six years ago, Dior muse Anya Taylor-Joy and daughter of the oil giant Getty first met during a set of Anya filming in Los Angeles. The two often go on weekend getaways together to maintain their close friendship even before Anya became the superstar she is now. Although Anya Taylor-Joy ‘s casual style is dusty in the direction of menswear and Ivy’s momentum has the feeling of old-fashioned stars, their common point is nostalgia.

In November, when the grand wedding of Ivy Getty and Tobias Engel took place, Anya Taylor-Joy stopped all her busy schedules to attend her best friend’s wedding as a bridesmaid of honor. .

Jessica Jung and famous fashionista and model Irene Kim are both “bloody” characters in the kimchi world. Not only appearing together at major fashion events, the couple often share intimate moments in everyday life on social networks. In recent years, when temporarily putting aside her divine career, Jessica opened a youtube channel revealing her life and small talk shows with the familiar appearance of Irene Kim.

In addition to her passion for fashion and travel, the two girls were born and raised in the US then returned to Korea to start their careers at SM Entertainment. When she founded her own fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare, Jessica got a lot of help with Irene’s image and launched collaborative collections like Love is good .

Although this friendship was only noticed after the fever from the movie Squid Game , BLACKPINK Jennie has revealed many times about her relationship with Jung Ho Yeon on social networks. The two met at Paris Fashion Week a few years ago. At that time, Jennie attended Chanel ‘s show as a brand ambassador and Ho Yeon was a model. Jennie’s stylish is the one who connects the two girls to each other.

Not only did Jennie do her best to promote Squid Game with pictures on her Instagram Story, but also went to the set and sent a coffee truck to cheer up her friend who is two years older than her. Similarly, the Louis Vuitton Brand Ambassador was also repeatedly seen at BLACKPINK’s concert to support her close sister.

“We’re close because we both know what it’s like to be jealous,” Cher Horowitz quips about her friendship with Dionne in Clueless . However, this line could perhaps also apply to supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell . Kate entered the fashion world as a 16-year-old girl, just like Naomi. The two long legs met on set in Los Angeles in 1991 and found a bond because of their age and being a native of London.

Both were ’90s model icons and rocked the world’s top catwalks for three decades. Naomi also revealed that Kate was the one who advised the “black panther” to dress more boldly.

The close relationship between Victoria Beckham and actress Eva Longoria has always received admiration from fans to artists in the fashion world. The two met in 2007, when Victoria and her husband moved to Los Angeles for David Beckham’s job. Their love for fashion and their similar sense of humor helped them become instantly attached to each other.

Eva flew to London when the former Spice Girl opened her new clothing store in London. In 2016, Victoria not only “dived” from France to Mexico to attend Eva’s wedding with José Antonio Bastón , but also personally designed a wedding dress for her best friend. Eva Longoria even accepted to become the godmother for the little princess Harper of the Becks.

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