6 types of socks are always present in the unique fashion mix of the korean faithful

6 types of socks are always present in the unique fashion mix of the korean faithful

In addition to the significant warming effect for winter days and cleverly shielding women’s feet, fashion socks now enter the mix as an “expensive” highlight. Especially for the fashionistas of the land of Kim Chi, this small item has become a perfect “addition” to create a surprise for everyday wear.

6 types of socks are always present in the unique fashion mix of the korean faithful

The hashtag #egirl has been dominating social media platforms this year. This aesthetic school comes from Gen Z girls who have a disruptive lifestyle associated with the virtual world. If mesh socks were a symbol of sexiness in the past, today, the young generation of TikTok is transforming them in a unique style that is their own statement. The E-girl mix with mesh stockings usually comes with a graphic t-shirt, checkered shirt or pleated skirt . A few neon color accents from the electronic circuit boards are the final “mantra” to transform into E-girls.

The highlight of the pattern from the socks will be the “spice” to stir up the freshness in your mix. This “powerful assistant” also has the ability to help conquer the inspirational maximalism style . If mixing different textures is still a difficult task, enter the world of graphics step by step starting with patterned socks and monochrome outfits. Basic motifs such as stripes or checkers will have the opportunity to promote their use in many situations.

Originating from the style of Japanese schoolgirls, slouch socks with baggy shins have “go abroad” to the land of Kim Chi and mesmerize the followers here. This lovely design not only “rejuvenates” your appearance, but also cleverly “hacks shape” to help your legs become slimmer. Combined with short skirts or hidden pants, you are ready to go down the street with a dynamic style with a school breath. In addition to classic sneakers or loafers , try to surprise with trendy heels.

Another design from the girls’ wardrobe, this time, the thigh socks “elevate” your mix with fashion and personality. Initially, this type of socks was especially used in winter because of its remarkable ability to keep warm when combined with uniform skirts. However, it quickly went beyond the school space thanks to the effect of subtly elongating the legs. Now, knee-length stockings are considered a “nail” item in the style of K-pop idol groups.

To dispel the gloomy atmosphere of cold winter days, experiment with improvised color play with eye-catching socks. The most basic formula is set up from the colors on your shirt to create a harmonious ton-sur-ton mix. The bright color palette will also bring a burst of excitement to everyday looks. Getting rid of the safe colors “you can see everywhere”, changing with fancy colors is also a way to express your own unique personality.

Without too much fuss, the subtle visual effects from the embossed veins on the woven fabric are enough to create a convincing design. It’s not difficult to find this familiar sock in every style, however, let recent fashion trends suggest you a new way to mix & match with slippers. This unusual “duet” is being actively “promoted” by the popular IT-girl association. The “fashion” of wearing slippers with socks is a trend born from the period of separation to “pamper” the dreaming souls.

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