8 best-selling high-end belt designs of all time

8 best-selling high-end belt designs of all time

Going beyond their original practical use, belts now claim their place in the fashion world as a refined accessory filled with creative inspiration. Therefore, investing in a branded belt with lasting aesthetic value is also considered a worthy expenditure not inferior to shoes or bags. If you are still looking for a high-end belt that will accompany you in your upcoming fashion journey, try the following suggestions from ELLE.

8 best-selling high-end belt designs of all time

Made from high-quality smooth calfskin leather with the double G logo symbolizing the name of the brand’s founder – Guccio Gucci , the Gucci Double G Logo belt becomes one of the most favored accessory items by women. . Not only is this belt at the top of the list of “must-have” high-fashion items of fashionistas, but this belt is also considered a “pioneer” when the logomania movement began to rekindle in the 1930s. Right from the time of its launch, this impressive “genderless” streamlined beauty has conquered a large number of fashionistas and is one of the staples of the Italian fashion house.

Simple and trendy, the elegant beauty of the Garavani emblem featured on the Valentino Garavani V-Logo Reversible belt from the fashion house Valentino is capable of making a mark of high fashion and modernity for any edition. coordination menswear jacket blazer or jacket feminine design poncho and a long dress. Not stopping there, this large belt can also be reversed when used with both black and brown leather sides. This special “two in one” design not only makes the Valentino Garavani V-Logo Reversible a worthy investment, but also opens up more “space” for creative mixes.

Louis Vuitton ‘s most classic belt is inspired by Louis Vuitton’s Parnasséa leather line with a monogram design and the French fashion house’s iconic monogram. Although produced in a variety of sizes, an LV Initiales that is truly capable of entering a fashionista’s classic wardrobe will usually be a full-sized version with a width of 20 – 30. mm.

Starting to appear on the catwalk in the ’90s and leading the fashion trends of the time, Chanel ‘s classic gold chain belt marked the transformation of belts into a kind of “styling” accessory for women. Although the inspiration of the link detail from the punk culture and street fashion of the 80s sounds “dusty”, Chanel’s sophisticated and high-class design has made this strap model an accessory. Great embellishment to the fashion of any outfit.

The exaggerated horseshoe clasp design with dual straps in soft leather makes this accessory an outstanding “rule-breaker” work from the Italian brand. With this unique belt, Bottega Venetta creates a personal style of play with a variety of creative ways to tie it according to the improvisation of each believer. If the classic leather belts of fashion houses like Gucci or Louis Vuitton are pure designs derived from men’s belts that bring a strong feeling to every mix, now, Double Strap Belt goes against the spirit. that god with the ability to “soften” even masculine suits .

Not only the iconic G logo, Givenchy has made a different impression on its belt with “stylish” micro pocket details with a loose strap and high-quality glossy leather. Still bag hip (belt bag) not always in “peak” trend but elegant design and luxurious accessories Givenchy still brings echoes charismatic retro for remixes.

In the wake of sexy corsets , Loewe launched the Obi Belt with her signature asymmetrical construction and button detailing. This unique accessory allows the wearer the flexibility to change both the front and back to create new and captivating looks. Although possessing a fancy design, this belt cannot make it difficult for true fashionistas when they masterfully coordinate this accessory spontaneously with both tight knitwear sets or tops. boyfriend jacket .

Alexander McQueen doubles down on the fashion of his belt with the stylish Double Buckle Belt. With staggered keychains of different sizes, the Italian fashion house has created its own “substance” that is both personality and interesting for its design. Especially in women’s outfits, this belt will work even more to help “promote” the daily mix.

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