8 items that are easy to find at secondhand stores

8 items that are easy to find at secondhand stores

In the hustle and bustle of the modern city, items labeled “used” still come alive with nostalgic echoes on every fashion corner. It’s not “limited luxury” with the original packaging sold on e-commerce sites and shopping malls, the joy of finding a unique item makes secondhand fashion bring a lot of spiritual value.

8 items that are easy to find at secondhand stores

It has become a green trend for the whole industry. The “sheep” of the vintage style now confidently wear old clothes everywhere, even if it’s New Year’s Day where everything becomes new. And that’s right, it’s time to step away from the vanity chest to start your journey to dressing up in an eco-friendly and most importantly “maintenance” way for your wallet.

Genuine Si players will no longer be surprised to see the familiar large and small petals on a stylish long-sleeve shirt. Leaving behind the sophisticated layering, the collab with wide-leg jeans and a leather belt is enough to transform into the Hong Kong girls in memory.

More graceful, a flowing floral dress or A-line works to complete the vintage breath in a gentle way. The red , blue, and black colors and contrasting floral colors are the perfect choice for a timeless look. Don’t forget the appearance of headbands, bracelets or secondhand bags if you want to create a classic aesthetic for yourself.

From men’s three-piece suit tops to menswear enthusiast’s hand -me-downs, the waistcoat tells the story of its timeless transformation. With an elegant and neat appearance, this design is a bright highlight for the layered mixes with flowing dresses and A-line skirts of the followers. Not stopping there, the variety of materials from denim, khaki to wool gives you more than a chance to discover your personality. The secondhand store opens up the world of one-of-a-kind patterned giles.

Derived from the workwear for men in the 50s and was most popular in the 2000s, the overalls conquered the followers with a dusty appearance full of personality. If you want to play the role of a mischievous vintage girl, a long-sleeve shirt or a flowing blouse with ruffle details is the perfect partner for a good combination, or not, look for inspiration in the free US when combining. with loose t-shirts and sweaters . Denim , velvet or leather are all nostalgic options, especially when they’re used. In order not to be too old, bib shorts are also a suggestion worth considering.

If you’re new to the vintage world, the classic blazer will become the elegant guarantee of any fashion mix. With a classic silhouette and clean cuts, the timeless shirt is the exact definition for an old-fashioned but not outdated style. Combinations that you can think of are a blazer with loose-fitting pants or a feminine midi skirt. In the bustling atmosphere of the festival, colorful floral, checkered or plaid patterns will add a little joy to the vibrant fashion mixes of the followers.

In every stylish girl’s wardrobe, trendy leather boots will be the ideal choice for a classic and always “chic” look. Old boots help you break out in wide leg pants, blazers or even floral dresses. More than a smooth material, the attraction of the “used” label lies in the boots with custom artistic motifs, such as a flower garden blooming at the feet of the faithful or the first-class versions. limited brand that you can “hunt” for a very good price.

As the fashion weapon of the glamorous women of the past, the corset is now even more powerful under the creative mix-match hands of the followers. Escaping the “suffocating” look of the last century, the cardigan liberates itself in combinations with low-rise pants, shirts or pleated skirts. To double up on the trendy look, you can go with glamor layered combinations with a lace corset, or simply a true art print on a cardigan from the past.

Look no further because Dad’s wardrobe will be the inspiration for nostalgic mixes. High-waisted baggy pants combined with T-shirts with graphic prints or short or long-sleeved shirts as you like were once the ideal model of Saigon’s young women. If you want to wear a classic head-to-toe vintage combo, you just have to give it a chance with a blazer or trenchcoat and available leather boots. If you want to be more trendy, a sweater or gile crochet is a great move from stylish Gen Z girls.

Without an aristocratic background like a corset or as luxurious as a gile, patchwork motifs come from the simplest of worlds, demonstrating the desire for fashion through human creativity. Any item can become a stop for this patchwork art. The easiest to find are patchwork dresses that alternate between floral, checkered and soft lace patterns.

Colorful pieces of fabric on flared pants, a dress or even an elegant blazer bring optimism mixed with a bit of playfulness. To be on the safe side, you should avoid letting many patchwork items clash in a mix, solid color outfits will be a great partner for the mix and match fabric items.

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