9 European and American films are monuments of cinematic fashion

9 European and American films are monuments of cinematic fashion

Fashion trends can hardly make a movie, but movies can completely stimulate and “revitalize” a style. In the eyes of the “timeless” aesthetic of talented designers, the film series and the European-American series are forever imprinted in the minds of believers.

9 European and American films are monuments of cinematic fashion

Fashion in movies is a living document of style in each era. Whether you’ve watched all of these European-American films or not, you’ve probably seen the cover versions of the yellow checkered suit in Clueless, which is today the symbol of the Eighteen movements;

Or maybe you have longed to walk on the street as stylish as Andrea Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada … The costumes in the movie not only show the character’s personality and emotions but also convey many stories and messages. to the viewer.

Cher can be “clueless” – knows nothing about love, but understands her wardrobe and style very well. It’s been more than 25 years since the film was first released, but Cher’s yellow plaid dress is still loved by many fashionistas, especially when retro trends are still taking over the fashion world.

The film won the prestigious 2007 Academy Award for Best Costume Design. Kirsten Dunst donned a floral-patterned puffer dress that stretched across an elegant pastel palette. The details of rhinestones and elaborate lace make Marie Antoinette’s dress luxurious, and worthy of the position of Queen of France.

Viewers have the opportunity to follow reporter Andy Sachs’ journey into the fashion world. Nearly 16 years after the film’s release, many European and American “film nerds” are still overwhelmed by her splendid “transformation” to impress the difficult editor Miranda Priestly. The three characters Miranda, Emily, and Andy never disappoint viewers when always appearing in decent and trendy outfits.

In addition to the legendary “blue sweater” scene, the image of Andy Sachs striding on the streets of New York has become a memorable scene of the film. Andy’s outfit changes with each angle as if she is recreating the process of growing up at Runway magazine.

Lost in the mysteries and dangers in the town of Rosewood, the “angels of lies” always apply the saying: “Dress as if you are about to meet your greatest enemy”. 5 girls with 5 different styles from preppy to active always make viewers jealous with the perfect wardrobe for every event.

La La Land succeeds in recreating the beauty of Hollywood, Los Angeles is both gorgeous and close to the audience. Many girls must have seen Mia appear on the screen and said, “Oh, I have the same dress at home!” Simple designs and vibrant colors, costumes are no small factors that help create the buzz of the film. La La Land has 2 nominations for Best Costume Design at the Oscars and BAFTA 2017.

The film tells the story of a designer named Reynolds Woodcock in London in the 1950s. While the world follows fads, he is always in search of eternal beauty. Each dress in the film possesses a timeless elegance. Besides, the costume also “plays” the narrator, telling the love story between Reynolds and Alma Elson. In 2018, the film received 4 awards for the most prestigious Costume Design including Oscar, BAFTA, Critics’ Choice, and Satellite Award.

For characters in Dynasty, the costume is a measure of social status. When you’re trying to dominate a billion-dollar business, the clothes you wear down the stairs for breakfast should also be neater and more polished than usual. Inspired by the European-American TV series of the same name in the 80s, Dynasty’s wardrobe is overwhelmed by many shoulder-padded suits, luxurious silk materials, and metallic costumes.

Gathered into the “bandit of the century” are 8 ladies possessing top-class fashion styles. The film revolves around the theft of a Toussaint necklace at the Met Gala “fashion party”. Fashionistas are guaranteed to be satisfied with the performance of more than 300 gorgeous items like stepping out of the catwalk.

Set in Los Angeles in 1969, the film depicts two prominent fashion styles in this period through two characters: European-American film actor Sharon Tate and hippie “Pussycat”. With 14 nominations for Best Costume Design, the film’s costumes are an important factor in making viewers nostalgic for Hollywood in the 60s.

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