Add a scientific substance to your fashion mix with elegant velvet tops

Add a scientific substance to your fashion mix with elegant velvet tops

Once upon a time, velvet clothes were always equated with the wardrobe of the untidy men and the image of a difficult science professor. However, when the aesthetic fashion wave paved the way for inspiration of nostalgia for the past, velvet has gone against the tide and is enthusiastically sought after by Gen Z youth . This winter, the luxurious and trendy sound of velvet items permeates the mix of believers with a romantic and sophisticated style.

Add a scientific substance to your fashion mix with elegant velvet tops

The elegant and classic look is doubled when combining velvet with an oversized blazer design . Although not as popular as other dynamic and youthful coats, this noble item is especially loved by attractive and mysterious French ladies. With dark colors such as black, brown, etc., the velvet blazer as well as the beret hat , reminiscent of an ancient symphony with an enchanting glass of wine under the French sky.

If you’re afraid this design will make you look older, pair it with bold colored leather boots or simply a trendy pair of wide-leg jeans. Completing the mix with a baguette bag or metal accessories is also a tip to “rejuvenate” this material.

Velvet shirt is definitely not a new item for loyal fans of indie music. For a long time, this item has always been considered a typical item in secondhand shops and is associated with the image of street music groups. The dust and personality coming from this shirt is surprisingly in tune with believers who have a liberal soul and love to experience. Neutral palettes like beige and cream would be appropriate to update a new-age capsule wardrobe .

Going back to the 1800s following the “craze” from the movie Bridgerton , this collar design has asserted itself with minimalist elegance and the ability to highlight the lovely female neck and collarbone. Square neck combined with puffy sleeves like a “pair of cards” creates a nostalgic elegant look. To elevate the mix with inspiration from the movie world, you can “play around” with eye-catching accessories such as metallic necklaces or lace hairpins.

For girls who pursue a feminine style, the charming accent from ruffled ruffles will breathe a gentle breeze into your everyday style. Besides, the playfulness and freshness of lace borders or exaggerated shirt collars are completely capable of dispelling the “aged” feeling of velvet material. To highlight the haughty charm of a lady, choose a dark color palette like black or burgundy red. This is also the ideal suggestion for the bustling atmosphere of the festive season.

decipher 7 recipes to dress in the right parisian chic style for autumn

The elegant French style, also known as Parisian chic, has become the “guidance” of many girls who pursue a minimalist look. The soft, elegant look with a little romance are the reasons you cannot ignore this style for the upcoming Fall – Winter. Especially when these simple and elegant beauty secrets can completely come out of your wardrobe.

Speaking of elegant French style, it is impossible to ignore the sailor plaid shirt – “must-have item” in the wardrobe of Parisian Chic girls. The lightweight T-shirt with basic horizontal stripes allows you to freely show your ability to coordinate when combined with many other fashion items such as jeans, boots, A-line skirts, beret hats…

Early attracting attention from the early days of summer, the cardigan is still maintaining its style for the upcoming Fall – Winter fashion season. Strolling around in Parisian chic girls’ everyday photos, it’s easy to spot cardigans with classic puffy sleeves. Besides the traditional coat style, the cardigan can be worn alone with high-waisted jeans as a stylish crop top.

Not only associated with the liberal tomboy style, the boyfriend blazer can also be transformed into many other styles. A blazer with wide shoulders and standing shape or a sweater vest combined with a long white shirt is the right choice for girls with a petite figure. On the cold first day of Autumn, layering with a loose-fitting jacket will both keep you warm and create a more stylish and striking look.

Contrary to the above item, French girls when choosing pants often prefer high-waisted pants with smooth and comfortable fit over pants that are too tight or too wide. Because, they always prioritize items that can “indulge” their body rather than following inappropriate trends. The types of pants in the Parisian style that you should choose are trousers with a ruched front and comfortable jeans.

Parisian chic style is loved by women of all ages because it exudes effortless elegance through basic items. In which, wrap dress with baby flowers is a great choice for most body shapes. Charming dress with flat shoes, sedge bag and wide-brimmed hat will be the ideal outfit suggestion for cool afternoons walking on the street. Floral dresses are quite “comfortable” designs, you can always create new combinations with them.

Beloved by fashionistas all over the world, plaid motifs are also indispensable in the fashion gout-inspired outfits of the Paris lady. French girls often choose pure tartan style, thin lines in neutral colors such as brown, navy blue, deep red… The checkered outfit will become harmonious with simple accessories and uniform colors.

“Less is more” is the fashion motto of French girls when they can always see the beauty hidden behind minimal accessories. The art of coordinating accessories in harmony with clothes from the Parisian style will also be one of the beautiful suggestions that you should apply this autumn.

Initiated by the classic fashion icon Audrey Hepburn, silk scarves have become an accessory associated with the elegant fashion style of women. A thin silk scarf worn loosely around the neck or tied up in the hair creates an extra highlight for the outfit to add a luxurious and feminine look.

One of the accessories that make up the “chic” style of the Parisian girls is the world of hats and hair accessories. Berets, wide-brimmed hats, silk scarves, scrunchies hair ties… are all pieces for the French outfit mix.

Handbags with medium sizes, from simple to classic designs are one of the indispensable accessories of the Parisian style. The small bag makes your footsteps lighter, more deliberate and doesn’t accidentally cover your outfit.

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