Arsenal Arteta’s reconstruction takes time

Arsenal Arteta's reconstruction takes time

Arsenal’s relatively positive results in the Premier League up to this point are showing that the Edu – Arteta duo are on the right track in the rebuilding of Arsenal. However, it is a long way to go, and what Arteta really needs is time…

Arsenal Arteta’s reconstruction takes time

Losing to Nottingham in the FA Cup can be a huge lesson for Arteta’s army at the moment. However, it is not a vivid illustration for the criticism of him before to be reincarnated. Anyway, with what Arteta has and is doing at the Emirates this season, he still deserves encouragement, praise and even apologies from those who have criticized him. he (including the person who wrote this article) before.

Before Nottingham, Arteta actually launched a squad with quite a few reserves, but the key positions that are the mainstay of the team in the Premier League are still there. Nottingham won with Grabban’s only goal, but in fact, the situation on the field showed that the City Ground team played much better than Arsenal.

They are more courageous, play brighter and basically, they show more desire to win. However, if only with so many things, Nottingham is unlikely to be able to overcome Arsenal. Admittedly, when Arsenal’s midfield lacked Partey, they lost a lot of strength. The rest, even recently emerging names such as Saka, Martinelli, Odegaard… are all too impatient and inexperienced.

If we look back at Arsenal’s performance in the Premier League this season, we will clearly see the striking phenomenon that they can beat the bottom teams but lose against all the top teams (except for the top teams). Tottenham is in crisis). It is quite strange that in defeats against those top teams, most Arsenal played quite explosively, especially in the first half.

At times, they even showed a sense that they were the worthy team. win. But in the end, before the constant pressure of the opponent, Arsenal will gradually reach the breaking point and then completely collapse.

What makes such a fragile Arsenal is not the gameplay, much less the way the system is organized or the game planning stage. That proves that Arteta is not weak or has the wrong approach. And in addition, looking at the player’s ability, we also realize that Arteta’s boys are also not inferior to their opponents in terms of ability.

Looking at the fact that Liverpool are wanting Saka, we understand enough about the level of Arsenal’s young players. It is no exaggeration to say that since Van Persie’s departure until now, Arsenal has never owned an equal and talented youth group like Saka, Smith-Rowe, Martinelli, Odegaard… today.

The only thing they lack is the leadership role of one or two experienced players. Because of that lack of experience, Arsenal always feel they are dying in big matches and Arteta also realizes this lack. That is why he is having a really serious plan in the current winter transfer window.

Honestly, if Arteta and Edu succeed in retaining the young pillars, Arsenal will be a very formidable team in the next 2-5 years. But to be able to maintain their retention, it is extremely important to prove to them that Arsenal are a team with great ambitions. That ambition must be demonstrated by the ability to compete for the top position every day, each season, and above all, the place in the Champions League , the playground that all professional players aspire to compete. bowl.

Just ruin the campaign to win Champions League tickets, Arsenal is easily in danger of bleeding talent. Its corollary will be that Edu and Arteta’s reconstruction plan is slowed down for a very long time and the above 2-5 year plan may become endless.

Well aware of the importance of tickets to the Champions League, Arteta did not hesitate to express his intention to add this winter. In the past few years, Arsenal has never been so close to the Champions League spot as it is now and only the addition of new forces will help Arteta continue the fierce competition.

He made it clear that Arsenal needed to strengthen a good midfielder, a position he found Arsenal still quite fragile. In addition to the story named Vlahovic, the story is being considered that Arsenal is currently the most dominant team in the winter market.

Vlahovic is a right choice, especially when Aubameyang will inevitably lose his position in the squad. Not to mention the recent discipline, just looking at the scoring performance alone, everyone understands how much Arteta wants a player to help him create turning points.

And if Vlahovic agrees to go to Arsenal, it’s not just the story of adding a goalscorer. It is a belief supplement. Choosing Arsenal means that Vlahovic believes in the reconstruction project of Edu and Arteta and that belief will have a very positive impact on the entire squad.

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