Because of Covid-19 Nuremberg Christmas Market postponed for the first time in 73 years

Because of Covid-19 Nuremberg Christmas Market postponed for the first time in 73 years

One of Germany’s oldest and most famous Christmas markets, the nearly 400-year-old Traditional Christmas Market in Nuremberg will not be held as scheduled in November due to the strong outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic again in Germany. Germany and Europe. This is the first time in 73 years that the Nuremberg Christmas Market will not be able to bring warmth to locals and visitors during the cold last months of the year.

Because of Covid-19 Nuremberg Christmas Market postponed for the first time in 73 years

An integral tradition of locals since 1628, the Nuremberg Christmas Market is renowned as one of Germany’s oldest Christmas Markets. In the four weeks leading up to Christmas, the city’s main market square is transformed into a village of wooden stalls decorated with vibrant red and white striped fabrics. Each stall has dozens of vendors offering unique handicrafts and colorful gifts for everyone.

Each year, this traditional Christmas Market attracts two million visitors to Nuremberg. For locals, the aroma of grilled sausages, sweet toasted almonds and wafting wine in the city is a hallmark of the Christmas season.

However, December of this year will be very different. Nuremberg Mayor Marcus Konig announced that, due to the increasing rate of Covid-19 cases, the 20202 Christmas Market will be cancelled.

In a statement on October 26, Mayor Konig said: “This decision has been very difficult for us. After much consideration, and to protect the public, we have decided that this year’s Christmas market will not take place.”

Before that, the city still expected to hold festival activities, but applied regulations on medical hygiene and social distancing.

During World War II, the Christmas Market was closed until 1948.

In another development, German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier on October 23 announced that the German government is preparing a plan to increase support for the tourism industry that is heavily affected by the Covid outbreak. new -19.

Not outside the Covid-19 outbreak in Europe, Germany is also witnessing an alarming number of new Covid-19 cases. According to Worldometers statistics, in the past 24 hours, Germany recorded more than 17,000 new cases, bringing the total number of Covid-19 cases nationwide to 481,013.

In Paris, all 20 arrondissements at the end of the year have Christmas markets, but the Tuileries Garden Christmas market, which was moved from the Christmas market on the world famous Champs-Élysées this year, is considered to be here this year. is the largest.

Usually at the end of the year, the most beautiful avenue in the world looks like a shimmering, glowing Christmas village. However, since July 2017, due to security concerns, the city of Paris has decided not to hold a Christmas market on the Champs-Élysées, which has been running since 2008, attracting 16 million visitors a year.

Tuileries Garden Christmas Market is held from November 24, 2018 to January 6, 2019. Tuileries Garden is a beautiful garden, located next to the romantic Seine River, next to the world famous Louvre Museum and Concorde Square in the I district of Paris.

With more than 120 wooden houses erected, brightly decorated, here visitors can choose for themselves traditional items for Christmas, play games of slides, ride ghost trains… and enjoy Famous French cuisine, especially hot wine with strong cinnamon flavor, is extremely attractive…

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