Celebrating the spirit of adventure and flight in the creative world of gucci x the north face chapter 2

After the success of the previous season, the Italian fashion house Gucci continues to entertain brand followers Chapter 2 of the collection, The North Face. The fashion items in the new collection are carefully cared for to arouse the adventurous spirit of each person.

Celebrating the spirit of adventure and flight in the creative world of gucci x the north face chapter 2

Regardless of the spirit of discovery here being literally understood as traveling to new lands and discovering the beauty of diverse cultures, or the metaphorical image of discovering one’s personality, the Gucci x The North Face collection once again clearly outlined the inseparable core values ​​of both fashion houses: Constantly discovering and expressing one’s own personality.

In order to have the clearest message material in Chapter 2 of the Gucci x The North Face collection, Creative Director Alessandro Michele teamed up with photographers Jalan and Jibril Durimel to create a stunning set of photos set in the scene in Iceland.

Through the campaign’s photo and video series, the collection brings fans into a world of vivid fairy tales with bright colors. Indeed, Iceland is the most sparsely populated country in Europe, possessing a poetic landscape with many enchanting scenes, from volcanic black sand to rolling green hills and ghostly glaciers. me.

Along the journey of Gucci, admirers like to transform into true adventurers, hiking across the Nordic island to discover the immense and majestic beauty of Iceland. Through the lens of the famous French photographer duo, each moment of harmony between heaven and earth enhances the shimmering colors of the designs from the Gucci x The North Face collection.

This collection offers special designs for both men and women. These include Ready-to-wear, accessories, luggage and footwear, including hiking boots, backpacks equipped with multiple pockets, insulated jackets, and body-warming – capital. is the strength of The North Face brand throughout the years.

In terms of Ready-to-wear, the collection showcases a variety of styles and designs, such as classic GG monogram bombers and waistcoats, as well as reinterpres of iconic outfits. statue of The North Face in the ’90s, dotted with floral motifs. In particular, a few pieces are inspired by the Gucci fashion house’s archival designs. In addition, the collection offers a variety of outerwear styles exclusively designed by refreshing iconic silhouettes from the ’70s with The North Face’s latest technology.

Best of all, Chapter 2 of the Gucci x The North Face collection demonstrates both fashion houses’ commitment to supporting sustainable, eco-friendly practices through the use of ECONYL® – a nylon fabric woven from recycled materials (fishing nets, rugs or other materials) to reduce the impact on the environment. In addition, all 100% of BST’s insulation products are certified by the Responsible Down Standard from Control Union.

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