Chanel spring – summer 2022 is bustling with 90s inspiration from the beach to the catwalks filled with flash

Chanel spring – summer 2022 is bustling with 90s inspiration from the beach to the catwalks filled with flash

The default black and white colors will always exist in Chanel collections, but will exist in many different forms and make fans curious. On the invitation card Chanel sent to the press and guests before the Spring Summer 2022 show, the black and white image of model Vivienne Rohner in the photo manipulation once again evoked that legacy.

Chanel spring – summer 2022 is bustling with 90s inspiration from the beach to the catwalks filled with flash

And designer Virginie Viard confided: “Because fashion is about clothes, models and photographers. Karl Lagerfeld used to photograph Chanel campaigns himself. So today I invite photographers here. I love their look at Chanel. It supports and inspires me.”

Virginie Viard shares more about fashion photographers and their work: “It was a magical thing and a sexy gesture that evoked so many memories. I used to love the sound of flashing lights at shows in the ’80s, when models were on the high runway. I want to have that feeling again.”

And recreate that kind of runway at the Grand Palais Éphémère, a space the creator of Chanel aspired to appear: The atmosphere of 1980s fashion shows is recreated through the Chanel Spring-Summer catwalk. 2022. We’ve all seen the huge catwalks with Chanel’s great perspective, but this season the catwalk is smaller with the photographers rushing in, creating a sense of excitement.

The collection started full of fascination with black and white bathing suits and attractive layers of coordinated accessories. The one-piece, two-piece swimsuit is simple but exudes the classic elegance that Chanel rocked a century ago. Black and white covers the first 14 designs and gradually turns to gray, mixed textures , and then spreads out cheerful tones such as pink , lilac, and lemon yellow. The last part of the collection is a series of costumes with large, colorful butterfly prints on a black chiffon background.

Bare bags come in a variety of leather shapes with rich colors and an enlarged leather strap. Flared heels, Mary-Janes shoes and sandals that, according to designer Virginie Viard, are reminiscent of pirate shoes.

Chanel Spring – Summer 2022 collection through the perspective of each person will appear with different shades. ELLE and editors and stylists in Vietnam share more about these desirable designs and accessories.

For me, Chanel Spring – Summer 2022 is like a jubilant song from old notes. A familiar minimalist stage of Chanel under the “reign” of designer Karl Lagerfeld in the 90s has been recreated. Models on the catwalk take time to interact with the photographer with flexible and lively poses.

Not only that, but designer Virginie Viard also recreated the most outstanding designs of this period of the illustrious couture house from Paris. She has chosen the youngest, most cheerful and the most “Chanel” as the creative “fulcrum” for the Spring Summer 2022 designs.

These designs have not only conquered the hearts of Chanel followers. but also promises to recruit more Chanel Gen-Z customers , today’s young generation because of its youthful and contemporary look.

The tweed outfits – “specialties” of Chanel still affirm the eternal youth. Bright colors are delicately cut and cleverly combined with accessories to create the perfect combination suggestions for the new season. The trend of beaded handbags that has blossomed over the years has been modified by Chanel from pearls, or Chanel’s popular heart-shaped handbag in the 90s has been redesigned with a front flap and a small compartment. backside.

The leather chain bag straps are exaggerated to show a liberal and dynamic look for sets filled with youthful energy. And it would be remiss not to mention Mary-Jane shoes or ballet shoes with ankle straps like lovely anklets, lifting the steps for modern ladies.

The comfort in the mind of designer Virginie Viard can be seen through these creations. She has succeeded in combining Chanel’s rich heritage with creations inspired by a sensitivity to the times.

Chanel Spring – Summer 2022 brings the image of #hotgirlsummer for next summer with inspiration from the 80s-90s. From clothes with colors and designs of the Lagerfeld era, the collection is the Spring – Summer designs that a #hotgirlsummer must have. The idea of ​​going back to the old decades, the runway is elevated and under a lot of photographers with flashy lights, the catwalk steps of the models are full of nature and fun on the background of 90s music .

All have created a retro aftertaste that Art Director Virginie Viard evokes to honor and affirm: “Fashion is all about clothes, models and photographers”. Kye thinks that Chanel #hotgirlsummers after seeing the SS22 show will probably be filled with ideas of what a joyful spring-summer season after the persistent pandemic.

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