Dolce and gabbana fall winter 2022 collection traditional craft pride in the metaverse age

Dolce and gabbana fall winter 2022 collection traditional craft pride in the metaverse age

It is undeniable that sexy is the main spirit that is “recalled” in the collections of famous fashion houses in the 2020s. Each brand has a way of viewing sexiness in many different aspects. At Dolce & Gabbana, the Italian fashion house brings together the concept of real and virtual to serve as the backdrop for the rise of fashion in the metaverse era.

Dolce and gabbana fall winter 2022 collection traditional craft pride in the metaverse age

Continuing the futuristic fashion spirit of the metaverse from the men’s collection released in January, in this women’s Fall Winter 2022 collection, the duo of designers Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana continue A journey to discover new things between two worlds – reality and fantasy – for future fashion. If the previous collection of Dolce & Gabbana succeeded in molding the things in the imagination into tangible things, this time, they go against that process.

Accordingly, they visualize real ideas and make them unreal. In other words, with a creative mind that is soaring and ahead of its time, the duo of designers and skilled craftsmen have brought a new breeze into the familiar designs of the fashion village with futuristic details to create a new look. they become more novel,

Using the futuristic fashion language on tailoring designs, Dolce & Gabbana not only creates a collection of designs with trendy oversized shapes, exalting a strong and powerful personality but also no less. part of a woman’s charm, but also gives fans a fancy virtual reality fashion experience.

Of course, the mainstream trend of wide shoulders and tight waists of the 2020s is still promoted in the Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 2022 BST. As can be seen, the shoulder details in many of the BST’s outfits are enhanced, but not so that they become rigid thanks to the curves embracing the shoulders, making them softer and more feminine. In particular, the overall proportions of the set are adjusted to the maximum with the waist band to create an hourglass effect.

Although inspired by fashion in the metaverse era, the quintessence of craftsmanship is still the pride of the illustrious Italian fashion house. Just like in the men’s Fall Winter 2022 collection, this collection also uses artificial fur materials that were previously processed by fur and tanners in the craft factory.

In the spirit of building a sustainable high-fashion empire, Dolce & Gabbana gradually stabilized the brand’s clothing design process. Not only stopping at the application of modern environmentally friendly technology, the supply and processing of materials to the finished product, the fashion house also constantly strives to maintain its expertise in craft techniques. traditional work from being lost. If we can do so, traditional techniques will continue to be inherited and developed. More than that,

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