Dua lipa promotes the trend of high-heeled flip-flops y2k

Dua lipa promotes the trend of high-heeled flip-flops y2k

Every singer has their own style of music. Dua Lipa opted for a sloppy music style reminiscent of the musical styles of the 1990s–2000s. For that reason, the young singer also often dresses in the retro style of this decade. She loves Doc Martens boots, denim-on-denim outfits, choker necklaces and very Y2K irregular color schemes. Most recently, Dua Lipa promotes a very Y2K style of sandals: High heel flip flops.

Dua lipa promotes the trend of high-heeled flip-flops y2k

Before the dad sneaker became all the rage, the title of weirdest shoe used to belong to high-heeled flip-flops.

In the 2000s, for a quick run down the street in à-la-Paris Hilton style, the most haughty girls of that era would wear a purple or pink velor home outfit, and a pair of sandals on their feet. high heel toe. Although they are flip-flops, they have high soles like canoe shoes, helping the wearer to cheat their height significantly.

As with all things Y2K is back in 2022, these ugly sandals are once again in both stores and celebrity feet. Dua Lipa chose the design of the Coperni brand while walking on Miami beach this past weekend.

Slippers are always comfortable and easy to put on. These high heel flip flops are no exception. But their height can also make you laugh or cry if you run too fast, because it is easy to trip and twist your legs! Dua Lipa must have excellent balance, when confidently wearing these towering sandals to the beach without fear of falling.

Pair these high-heeled flip-flops with low-rise jeans and a baby tee and you’ve got a convenient Y2K-style outfit to go out in the hot season.


Last night, at the Brit Awards 2022, British artists gathered in the most splendid outfits. The most mentioned character is Adele, who won in a series of the most important categories such as Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year. Next to them is The Crown series actress , Emma Corrin, in a surprise performance on stage with Little Simz.

But, there is another name mentioned on the Brit Awards 2022 red carpet: Vietnamese designer Tran Hung.

Tran Hung is the designer of the evening dress for British TV editor AJ Odudu. In the design of Tran Hung, AJ Odudu was voted by many British newspapers as one of the best dressed stars at the Brit Awards 2022.

AJ Odudu is a British television editor. She is known for television shows like Big Brother and Married at First Sight: Afters . AJ Odudu was especially noticed when participating in the 19th Strictly Come Dancing reality show and reaching the final. Just a week ago, she also hosted the BAFTA Awards in London.

This is the third time a British female TV editor has chosen a Vietnamese designer’s outfit for a solemn red carpet event. The first time was in June 2021, when AJ Odudu’s personal stylist contacted Tran Hung directly for the BAFTA 2021 event. The second time was for a Bulgari event. And now for the Brit Awards 2022 red carpet.

“AJ shared that she really likes Hung’s designs, and wants to have the opportunity to wear them again and again,” said the designer. In early 2021, AJ Odudu had the opportunity to come to Vietnam when filming a show in Ha Long Bay for Channel4 and HBO Max, but unfortunately the two did not have the opportunity to meet. “Anyway, it is also a predestined connection between Tran Hung and AJ”.

The design that AJ Odudu selected from Tran Hung this time is a mini dress from the Pre-Fall 2021 collection , shown in Vietnam in early 2021. The upper body is a corset with Swarovski stones on the background. transparent tulle fabric. The lower body consists of snow needles made of Miyuki beads crossed like a sarong. The British peach teamed up with slim high heels to create the effect of elongating the legs.

It is known that this design was developed by Tran Hung himself before the outbreak of the disease in Vietnam. “After the Pre-Fall 2021 collection in January 2021, Hung still has some materials left over to manually develop new designs. It’s not too difficult because when making this design, the epidemic situation in Vietnam has not yet broken out, Hung can do it at the factory,” said the designer.

Then the designer’s workshop was forced to close due to social distancing, forcing him to sew the entire Spring Summer 2022 collection by himself . Fortunately, the epidemic situation is under control, helping Tran Hung return to his previous work routine.

The coordination between the team of Tran Hung and AJ Odudu is also more favorable this time, when the transcontinental express delivery companies have resumed operations after the period of social distancing because of the global pandemic.

Besides, the designer also plans to prepare for international red carpet activities. “When working with stylists and international stars, Hung’s side always sends them a list of designs available at the UK studio for easy fitting. Hung also regularly updates and sends outfit samples to the agency for stylists to choose from.

Designer Tran Hung is one of the pioneering Vietnamese designers to develop their careers abroad. If Cong Tri and Do Manh Cuong target the US market, Nguyen Hoang Tu is French, then Tran Hung is Anh Quoc.

Tran Hung, to date, is the only Vietnamese designer to officially participate in London Fashion Week, one of the four largest fashion weeks in the world. Thanks to appearing on this professional platform, his designs are also chosen by influential stars in the land of fog.

London Fashion Week Fall Winter 2022 is coming, and Tran Hung is also preparing for his new collection. “Having just finished Tet holiday, Hung’s side also shook hands for Autumn-Winter 2022. Hung is also preparing to return to England on the nearest occasion. Hope all plans will go smoothly,” said the designer.

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