Fur coat an item that marks the appearance of troubles

Fur coat an item that marks the appearance of troubles

The character played by Elizabeth Taylor – Gloria Wandrous is a “loose” model who is romantically involved with Weston Liggett, a wealthy married executive. After an argument with her mistress, Glorida stole Liggett’s wife’s mink coat to satisfy his desire for riches. Unfortunately, this shirt is the proof that exposes the two’s “stealth” relationship and becomes a key factor driving the problems in the second half of the film.

Fur coat an item that marks the appearance of troubles

Set in the snow and ice disaster that caused the last life to exist on Earth to be reduced to a ship called the Snowpiecer, society in the film goes back to the past with a heavy class division. If the community in the stern always struggled with the cold and deadly hunger pangs, the front compartment was filled with the luxuries of the wealthy chaebol passengers. Originally living in a warm upper class, character Ruth Wardell (Tilda Swinton) just sees her execution trip down the stern as a great opportunity to put on her favorite fur coat. The obvious status gap depicted in the costume is a warning of severe injustice on the Snowpiecer that has reached its climax to lead to the rebellion that follows.

When a righteous character is gradually “blackened” in the content development, fur coats also appear more in the footage. As the fiancée of Jim Gordan in the first part of the Gotham series (2014) about the fantasy world in DC’s superhero universe, Barbara Kean gradually dropped the image of a “dumpling” part in the sequel. beginning to become a somewhat “crazy” villain in the later installments of the series. Following this psychological development, her outfit also became darker, fierce and more “wild” with layers of fur. Revenge, threaten or fight, in most of her most dramatic scenes, Barbara often appears with fur coat and leather combinations full of personality.

The use of fur in the fashion industry has been a controversial topic for many years among activists for the rights and conservation of red-listed animals.

In the past, luxurious fur designs were sought after by many fashionistas and dominated the high fashion catwalks. But since realizing the nature of this negative act, a series of “big men” such as Gucci, Versace, Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, Tom Ford have officially committed. will stop using real fur in production and design.

Instead, they decided to replace real animal hair with more advanced and safer materials, typically artificial fur. This invention was born around 1929 but it was not until the 1950s that they really became a popular commodity. It is considered as an environmentally friendly alternative that not only minimizes the negative impacts on animals in the wild but also possesses outstanding advantages. Accordingly, designers can also dye any color at will and users do not need to preserve as meticulous as real fur.

As for Tel Aviv-based designer Maya Reik, faux fur offers fashion creators like her many opportunities to bring back fashion styles from the past decade while still being relevant to the social context. modern society. Sharing her feelings about artificial animal hair, she expressed: ” Why should we follow cruel fashion when we can look for other safer and more humane alternatives ?”

However, it is a concern that the real fur market is still alive and well, with global retail sales estimated at between US$39 and US$53 billion per year. Not only are fashion brands new to using animal fur as a form of trade, but many influencers also prefer these designs to show class. Names such as singers Beyoncé, Rihanna or more recently Selena Gomez can be mentioned.

Mr. Lan Herscovici – researcher and former vice president of the Canadian Fur Council (Fur Council) pointed out that: ” When it comes to the issue of fur trade in modern society and consider the current regulations. it seems that fur is being used in a more positive direction .” However, he emphasized that even artificial animal hair materials also face their own negative consequences, not completely safe as many people mistakenly believe.

Specifically, there is a lot of evidence that fake fur has a serious impact on the environment because it takes a long time for them to decompose, even up to a thousand years. Not only that, every time this material is washed in a home washing machine, they will create microscopic fibers and easily pass through wastewater treatment plants into waterways. Like plastic waste, because they are not biodegradable, they become a serious threat to the marine environment.

Therefore, consumers need to be sober to realize that a true fashion business pursues a sustainable fashion journey not only by stopping using real fur. See how they are taking practical measures to prevent their impact on the environment and animals, especially in the current context where 8 percent of global emissions are traced to the fashion industry (many than emissions detected in the aviation industry).

As such, the use of fur is gradually becoming a broader scope for not only the fashion industry but also sustainability, from harmful waste accumulated in the production process to the source of energy consumed. overconsumption at retail stores. As a consumer of the product, it is important to learn and verify valuable information and to see all aspects of the matter thoroughly, including all ethical practices. ethical, social and environmental commitments to which fashion businesses are committed.

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