Fur coat fashion statement of the villain in cinema

Fur coat fashion statement of the villain in cinema

When fashion becomes an ideal space to display intentions in movie plots, fur – representing man’s frivolous inhuman desire is the perfect material to combine with evil. and selfishness is indispensable in every plot. From the classic costumes of the villains to the sirens of impending trouble, the furs carrying the sinful energy have been cleverly used by the filmmakers to trigger evil in his works.

Fur coat fashion statement of the villain in cinema


Put on a fur coat and step into the history of cinema as fashion icons, the style of the famous “dresses” has sketched out the classic image of a rich and luxurious character that always hides. layers of thorns under the soft layer of clothing.


It is no exaggeration to say that Cruella is one of the first names that will come to mind when talking about fur fashion. Cruella adores feathers, she even has a huge room filled with evidence of this “savage” but above all, the head of the fashion empire called House of DeVil is a haunting. photo with beauty. To accentuate the “madness” in the style of this “stylish” villain, Oscar-winning costume designer Anthony Powell created stunning maximalism (maximum) fur coat designs . sophisticated and extreme visual attack with contrasting colors like white, black and red.


In the hit sitcom series Will & Grace , Karen Walker (played by Megan Mullally) is not exactly an antagonist against the main character, but the evil nature that exists in her is undeniable. Racism, smoking, a “ghost” with a high self-esteem who always despises his friends and is willing to turn his maid into a “human horse” have brought Kanren closer to the concept of a villain. Therefore, it is not surprising that in her huge wardrobe, she always favors a large space for powerful fur outfits, especially leopard print designs.


While the debate over whether Meryl Streep’s emotionless character is really considered a villain or not, Miranda Priestly’s fashion sense is the definition of a little cold charm. who can touch. As the one who determines the fashion trends that will lead the fashion world, the “massive” fur coats are the perfect weapon to “turn on” the power of the Fashion Magazine Editor. Runway in the most trendy way. She likes classic and classy outfits but can’t be boring and Fendi is the lucky fashion brand that catches the eye of the “dresser” with frivolous, luxurious and disruptive fur coats.


In the interconnected world of humans and animals (the beasts) in The Golden Compass , nothing is more appropriate to reveal Marisa Coulter’s sinister nature and plot to split the human-animal bond. fur coats. “Australian Swan” Nicole Kidman has transformed into a Coulter lady with terrifying intrigues hidden behind deadly beauty. In lieu of “prosperous” wild fur coats, Marisa’s signature coat design features only a fur neckline with gentle neutrals like beige and cream to retain the false elegance of the individual.


The status of the Italian fashion empire queen Patrizia Reggiani has always been clearly shown through her “chic” fashion style with attractive vintage qualities. Before going to jail for carrying out a plan to assassinate her husband, Reggiani often appeared in Gucci ‘s signature brown fur coats and daring accessory play with leather gloves, large eyeglasses and jewelry.

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