Gamers thanks to gacha teacher Genshin Impact and the ending couldn’t be more fun

Gamers thanks to gacha teacher Genshin Impact and the ending couldn't be more fun

The story of a student asking his teacher to gacha a certain game is no longer a strange thing and recently, in a class, a male student asked his teacher to help gacha the game Genshin Impact . Quickly this video has also been widely spread across Chinese social media sites about how interesting it is.

Gamers thanks to gacha teacher Genshin Impact and the ending couldn’t be more fun

This video was shot on November 13, when the Hutao banner will end in about 10 days. Any gamer knows that Hutao is one of the strongest DPS characters Genshin Impact and the return of this limited 5-star character is also the goal that makes many gamers decide to “dry blood” .

And a very surprising thing is that after only 10 rotations of the teacher, the banner exploded with gold, not sure if it was Hutao or not, but having a 5-star character right from the first 10 turns is something. that any gamer wants. The teacher did not know what was going on, but he felt happy for his students.

The students below were even extremely excited as they continuously cheered for the male student, even shouting “Hutao” to hope that a miracle would happen. But in the end, the 5-star character that this god gacha was Keqing made many people feel disappointed, becoming a more humorous situation. But anyway, getting a 5-star character right from the first 10 times is also a blessing, not to mention Keqing is also a character worth gamers to experience.

The above situation caused the whole class to fall into chaos and the teacher became more confused than ever. Despite the “rate difference”, this video still brings excitement to the online community, even many people are surprised when almost everyone in the class knows about the game Genshin Impact.

League of Legends: Riot Games suddenly removed the ability to Teleport to minions and wards since season 12

Version 11.24 will be considered the last updated version of season 11 and this also means that the experimental changes of season 12 will be put on the PBE server of League of Legends so that Riot Games can make the necessary changes. for the game’s meta.

And in the latest change of Riot Games on the PBE server, which is facing a lot of mixed opinions from gamers, that is the remake of the Teleport add-on for version 12.1 of the upcoming League of Legends.

The specifics of this change is that before the 14th minute, you can only use Teleport on buildings, there will be no Teleport on minions, eyes on the map in the early game like before. After the match reaches the 14th minute, this summoner will automatically be upgraded and give the player the ability to Teleport into minions and wards as usual. The cast time of this summoner spell is also reduced to only 4 seconds.

With this change, it will somewhat make Teleport situations to contest big map goals like Dragons, Rift Heralds completely disappear before 14 minutes, when Top and Lane players The middle can no longer create the advantage in numbers as before. This is also what will make the Jungler’s responsibility to control the target heavier than ever.

Not to mention champions that use Teleport will now have to spend more time in the lane than before and the most effective way to use it is to roam early and then Teleport to a 1-lane turret. I control. Of course, there will be other players who will use other summoner spells with a stronger attack bias like Exhaustion, Burn to ensure their ability to win.

Another problem with the new Teleport is that it will make the bond between top laners and teammates much worse. Now before the 14th minute, the game will be like a 4vs4 fight and 2 Top laners will go head to head. From there, the gameplay of pooling resources for Top Lane will be less effective because it cannot create an overwhelming early.

However, we still have to wait and see if Riot Games will make any changes to the final update version of the new Teleport before we can conclude. But if these changes are kept in place for the upcoming season 12, the top lane meta will face a lot of chaos.

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