Gigi Hadid replaces Alexa Chung on Next in Fashion

Gigi Hadid replaces Alexa Chung on Next in Fashion

Next in Fashion is a reality TV show that creates entrepreneurial opportunities for young designers. Winners will have the opportunity to showcase and sell their fashion collection on the luxury retail platform Net-A-Porter, along with a $250,000 cash prize.

Gigi Hadid replaces Alexa Chung on Next in Fashion

This show was originally released in 2020. But then it was abruptly cut off in 2021. Now, the show’s return – along with the presence of Gigi Hadid – makes fans very excited.

Season one, conducted in 2020, is hosted by British fashionista Alexa Chung and designer Tan France. Now, when Next in Fashion returns in 2022, Gigi Hadid will replace Alexa Chung as host.

Does this prove that Gigi Hadid is looking to follow in her mother’s footsteps into reality TV? (Gigi’s mother is Yolanda Hadid, a veteran of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills .) But, according to Gigi, she wants to “take the lead” for future art projects.

She said, since childhood, she has loved to be creative. So if given the opportunity, she would like to open a production company, or become a creative director in the future. “When I go to a photoshoot, I don’t just think about my part. I also observe the production crew, light the lights… see how everyone prepares for the job.

Personally, I also really like the idea of ​​​​production. When you’re just starting out in your career, you don’t have this opportunity,” she explains.


At Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2022 fashion week in Paris, Chanel invited Charlotte Casiraghi , granddaughter of Princess Grace Kelly, to ride on horseback to open the show. This time the brand’s collection is also inspired by equestrian fashion. Many people say that Chanel seems to want to follow Hermès and Gucci – two brands associated with horses and horsemen – but the fashion house insists that founder Coco Chanel was a lover of horse riding in her childhood. .

Without arguing about how equestrian fashion is related to Chanel, it is undeniable that equestrian sport has a close relationship with the high fashion industry. There are many brands that use the equestrian sport as their logo. Why? Let’s find out with Harper’s Bazaar.

Since the Middle Ages in Europe, the horse has been a symbol of power and money. Capital, horse is a must-have item for conquests. But from the 1500s on, European kings viewed horseback riding as a pastime, symbolizing vast territory and economic potential, more than just a necessary tool for war. When Henry VIII ascended the throne, he began organizing large-scale horse races.

Today, sports with horses are still the exclusive pleasure of the rich. To be able to compete, you have to put in a lot of effort to order a good stallion, have to own a large farm to raise the horse, have to hire someone to take care of its health… Almost all of the famous athletes in the world.

Horse racing or polo competition all come from well-to-do families. For example, members of the royal family, or the children of technology billionaires such as Eve Jobs (daughter of Steve Jobs) and Jaime Xie (daughter of billionaire Ken Xie).

When the elite are passionate about any hobby, they will all spend generously to cover their passion. For that reason, many luxury fashion brands start out with equestrian accessories, or offer them as an essential part of their product catalog.

Speaking of fashion brands associated with horses and equestrianism, we can mention Gucci, Hermès, Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren Polo, Longchamp…

Gucci was founded as a luggage and equestrian shop in Florence in 1921. The founder, Mr. Guccio Gucci, decided to manufacture equestrian accessories in order to quickly bring his store to the world. elites across Europe. Only after Gucci became famous for making high-quality leather goods, did Mr. Guccio Gucci expand his business into other items such as shoes, bags, ready-to-wear.

To commemorate its origins with equestrianism, Gucci has always emphasized equestrian elements in its design. These include Horsebit (a metal piece for horses to bite when wearing a saddle), horseshoe motifs, riding hats. The Gucci Web motif with blue and red stripes also comes from the equestrian hobby, derived from the canvas belt used on the traditional saddle.

Hermès is not only associated with equestrian competitions but also with horse-drawn carts. Thierry Hermès started the business in 1837 in a busy Paris intersection with a saddlery workshop for the European nobility. Later, when the business expanded to other fashion products, Hermès still did not forget to emphasize that each of its designs was more or less related to equestrianism. The company still maintains the image of a horse-drawn carriage on its official logo.

The connection with horses and horseman’s fashion is not exclusive to these two fashion houses. In the US, Polo Ralph Lauren is also inspired by the sport of polo. The company is famous for the polo shirt style used by athletes when competing. Besides, there are horsemen’s boots, hunting jackets… Wardrobes of millions of people around the world always have shirts bearing the logo of polo athletes riding on the company’s signature horse.

Longchamp is also a couture house that uses horses in its logo. Longchamp is the name of the famous Paris racecourse. The image of a flying horse became the brand’s symbol and appeared on many leather bags, especially the famous Les Pliage line.

In terms of symbolism, images such as horsebit (the piece for the horse to bite when installing the reins), horseshoe motifs or buckles are often used by brands. Riding boots, riding helmets, and leather gloves to protect your hands while riding are some of the accessories that can easily be transformed into ready-to-wear collections.

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