Going to class meetings, mix & match to “mess up” without being “ridiculous”?

Going to class meetings, mix & match to "mess up" without being "ridiculous"?

The spring dress is definitely obvious, but have you prepared anything for the day of the exciting class meeting with the hardcore club? At this time, ao dai with wooden clogs or a standard traditional feeling are often replaced by mix & match mixes that highlight the liberal energy of a high school. Whether it’s simple modern or lovely feminine, surely the girls want to demonstrate the process of “successful puberty” and make everyone have a glance.

Going to class meetings, mix & match to “mess up” without being “ridiculous”?

The class reunion day always includes lively conversations and the memories of the school days soon come rushing back to the memory. Why don’t you try a “light reminder” of youth with a nostalgic melody in a waistcoat and elegant schoolgirl skirt? Checkered or argyle motifs are still a magical shortcut for a remix of the past.

Skirts are simpler when you grasp the principle of long for classic and short for modern. If you want to pass the signal on to your classmates, let your beret or doll shoes help you show up. The vintage color palette is definitely suitable for the overall color scheme, while the bright pastel will be the image of a childhood garden movie.

To make the moments of chatting with friends the most comfortable, you should prepare yourself a “liberation charm” with an oversize blazer and wide -leg jeans . Although they are too familiar on the trending track, with just a few basic variations, this liberal duo will be the savior for hour-long coffee dates.

Layered combinations with tight shirt or halter tops and neutral colors are always the common recipe of stylish girls. However, changing the wind with a short-sleeved blazer or high-waisted pants will help you rank well on the new season’s fashion chart.

When the meeting takes place in “lemongrass” party spaces, you should favor designs with sharper lines or try an oversize suit. However, to avoid the “plus” effect of age, you should add brighter and more youthful colors such as pink, yellow, orange, green, … whether in accessories or jewelry.

If you are still struggling in your own wardrobe, a crop top and low-rise pants are a good choice. Positive energy is essential for a prosperous new year, so remixes with childhood tunes are the perfect answer to this “question”. Loose pants will open up countless options to combine with such as graphic t-shirts or ruffled ruffles. With Indie fashion trends starting to make a comeback, your appearance will be more nostalgic than ever with the Gen Z hijab and beaded ring .

You can also liberate yourself in a modern camisole that evokes traditional influences. At this time, glossy silk or satin will be the main stage for shining halter tops and low-rise pants that show off the full waistline is the freedom statement of stylish liberal girls.

Denim is a material that will stand the test of time and you won’t have to worry about it going out of style. For those girls who want to decorate their appearance with an invisible power, the synchronized denim set is the perfect answer. Design in the form of a suit, a jumpsuit or a gile with a skirt, etc. are options that you can add to the list. Not stopping there, some costumes with pearls, colored stones, etc. will embrace the “dusty” but still elegant appearance of the girls.

It’s time to put aside the traditional red or peachy colors for the New Year, the gathering of friends should be ignited with the hot orange color. Not only carrying many symbolic cultural meanings, the colors coincide with this year’s mascot also symbolizes a prosperous new year, welcoming many fortunes. If you don’t want to become “burnt” in the whole orange tree, you should neutralize that vibrant shade with neutral colors such as brown, beige, cream, etc.

To sparkle without being “ridiculous”, you can “reduce” the size of fashion items into a camisole version, baby tee, shorts, accessories, … then add a little sequins , rhinestones, … to stand out in an elegant way.

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