New york fashion week fall-winter 2022: who returns, who skips?

New york fashion week fall-winter 2022: who returns, who skips?

Among fashion weeks in the four major capitals – New York, London, Paris and Milan – the fate of the show in London and New York was relatively bleak. If luxury fashion houses are loyal to Paris and Milan, trying to put on reality shows after the COVID-19 situation improves, New York and London are not as optimistic, as big fashion houses continue to leave.

New york fashion week fall-winter 2022: who returns, who skips?

this two fashion week. This year is no exception. The New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2022 show shows the sporadic return of American fashion brands.

Starting from February 11, 2022, New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2022 will open. However, the United States is still facing the risk of rapid spread of the Omicron variant. Faced with this situation, brands have somewhat adjusted their tactics.

Some brands decided to cancel the show altogether, such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Thom Browne and Monse. Tom Ford said he will introduce the new collection through an electronic lookbook in the near future. And Rodarte did not even launch the Fall Winter 2022 collection, but only held a gala dinner on the opening day. Of the veteran brands, only Coach, Michael Kors and Tory Burch are returning to the show.

Some other brands present the collection in static form in-store, such as Helmut Lang, 3.1 Phillip Lim. Customers and the press will have to book a meeting before coming to the store to see the designs in person.

The most exciting is probably the young brands that have a strong effect on social networks. Christian Siriano (famous for his oversized design), LaQuan Smith (a brand that often appears in music videos), Telfar (the fashion house that stormed with its faux leather It bag), are a few wallets. example will continue to show this season.

Besides, there are a few new faces, hoping to bring their products to the US market through New York Fashion Week. With the presence of brands that are highly viral on social networks, New York Fashion Week will continue to attract fashionistas to attend.


When it comes to love, people refer to sweet pink or fiery red. But American jeweler Tiffany & Co wants to convince you that blue is the color of true love. Because blue is the color that covers Tiffany & Co’s jewelry boxes, a great gift for lovers.

For the upcoming Valentine’s Day 2022, Tiffany & Co launched the Blue is the Color of Love campaign with artist Curtis Kulig from New York. The campaign honors the artistic values ​​imbued with New York’s identity, honoring the power of words, words and love itself.

Tiffany & Co’s blue color is a mixture of robin’s egg blue and baby blue. That pale green color has become a legacy, associated with Tiffany & Co throughout its 145-year history.

Initially, Tiffany & Co used this special blue color to make the cover of its jewelry catalog, called The Blue Book. In 1845, this blue catalog was first published and distributed throughout the United States, bringing the image of Tiffany & Co jewelry beyond the boundaries of New York City where the company’s headquarters was located.

After that, this blue color is covered all of its jewelry boxes. Just seeing this blue box, the gift recipient will know immediately that it contains a beautiful design from the brand.

“Tiffany Blue” is not just a color. They also carry pride, pride in the brand’s nearly two-century history.

Curtis Kulig is an artist who was born in the countryside in North Dakota, but fell in love with urban life in New York when he moved here.

In 2005, he started spraying graffiti on the walls with the slogan “Love Me”, with the letter M transformed into a heart shape. The message is ambiguous – a plea or a strong request? – immediately aroused interest in urban youth.

Since then, Curtis Kulig’s Love Me graffiti-painted walls have become a familiar check-in place for young people, becoming part of New York’s urban culture.

Tiffany & Co found artistic congruence in the works of Curtis Kulig, and so invited him to join the Valentine’s Day 2022 campaign.

In the campaign, Curtis Kulig’s catchphrase “Love Me” is transformed into a sweet invitation when combined with other puns such as “Dare Me” (challenge me), “Hold Me” (please hug me) or “Kiss Me” (Kiss me). All are written with the exclusive Tiffany Blue font of the American jeweler.

“Love Me is something very personal to me. Then it gradually grows stronger when it is re-enacted by others. This is very interesting,” the artist said.

Teaming up with Tiffany & Co for the Valentine’s campaign has been a joy for Curtis Kulig. His mother used to own a beautiful jewelry brand brooch, which he always fell in love with growing up. “The creative collaboration with Tiffany & Co was very natural. Because I’m a longtime fan of the brand,” said Curtis Kulig.

In the Blue is the Color of Love campaign , Curtis Kulig’s works are displayed alongside Tiffany & Co’s famous jewelry lines such as Tiffany HardWear, Tiffany Knot and Tiffany T.

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