Pocket 6 secrets to help you read the opposite person

Pocket 6 secrets to help you read the opposite person

According to psychologist Judith Orloff MD, author of The Ecstasy of Surrender , logical thinking won’t tell you a person’s whole story. Sometimes, you need to ignore some important information and learn to watch for nonverbal cues in order to understand others. Judging a person based on personal feelings easily makes you have false views about their true self. So, before trying to read other people, you need to train yourself to have an open mind, practice seeing things objectively, keeping a neutral perspective, not letting your emotions and experiences in the process. The past affects the thinking of the present.

Pocket 6 secrets to help you read the opposite person

Usually, our first impression when we first meet someone is not only in attitude, manners, and way of talking, but also in the way we dress. Based on the fashion style of each person, we can know more or less about their personal preferences, personality trends and life views. For example, easy-going, young, active people often wear loose, colorful clothes. Meticulous people, perfectionists prefer classic styles, simple, neat and elegant outfits.

Body language not only helps us to convey information in a vivid and diverse way, but also accurately reflects the emotions and nuances of the speaker. Just by observing posture, gestures, facial expressions, you can read the thoughts and feel the current mood of the other person. For example, facial expressions show that the other person is happy, relaxed or worried, angry, looking at their eyes will tell if they are telling the truth or lying, focusing or absent-minded, posture. standing/sitting shows that they are confident, friendly or arrogant and arrogant.

Socializing and chatting can make you feel uncomfortable, but it gives you the opportunity to get to know the people around you better. It is an opportunity for you to observe the behavior of others in a normal situation and use it as a basis for evaluating their behavior when you notice signs of abnormality.

One of the secrets to effective reading people is to pay attention to the way they talk. If they talk at a normal pace, neither too fast nor too slow, it shows they are sharing their story in a sincere, relaxed way. On the contrary, if you feel that the other person’s voice sounds unusual, a little shaky, nervous, or too loud/too low, too fast/too slow, making it impossible for you to grasp the story, maybe the possibility that they are not being true to their words.

Have you ever had a special feeling about someone you just met for the first time? You feel that you can see a part of their personality, the person inside, even though you haven’t had much contact. Besides words and body language, intuition also plays an important role in communication. It helps you become sharp in all situations, have a richer view of others instead of relying solely on logical reasoning.

This method is especially useful for you in decoding other people’s body language in many different situations. You can practice observing people’s behavior, gestures, and expressions when going to the supermarket, at the shopping mall… or try muted when watching programs on TV and predict their feelings through facial expressions. , act, then turn up the volume and test your judgment.

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