Prairiecore fashionable weapon of weak women

Prairiecore fashionable weapon of weak women

After Cottagecore , another fashion trend continues to be promoted by Gen Z on social networking platforms with the hashtag #prairecore. With a breath of rustic countryside, Prairecore is like Cottagecore, bringing the energy of liberation with airy and dreamy outfits.

Prairiecore fashionable weapon of weak women

Born from the lifestyle of the pioneers of the “new continent”, this aesthetic carries the spirit of freedom, liberality and optimism. Prairiecore paints a self-portrait with colors that come from grasslands, crops, and spring. Irregular compositions are always improvised, created from the shape of “windy” designs full of movement such as puff sleeves , flared skirts and ruffled details.

Like the American avant-garde, Prairiecore encourages stylistic crossovers and unexpected experiments to create unique mixes. This group of followers like to combine the past and the modern, pausing time in a separate definition of beauty. Because of that, Prairecore crept into everyday life naturally and welcomed many creations with different materials and accessories such as corsets , aprons, cowboy hats, etc.

With the same inspiration from nature, Prairiecore and Cottagecore are often equated with the same concept. However, if Cottagecore is an escape for people from contemporary life, then Prairiecore is known in history as a manifesto feminist movement. When they were too tired of wearing clothes to attract men’s eyes, women in the 60s – 70s chose to release their bodies with baggy and full body designs.

As with the name “prairie” – meaning steppe, the subject of this movement focuses on fields, herds and a bit of boho culture . In crossover with hippie fashion in the 1970s, Prairiecore found its own niche with its bright color palette and textured art.

The liberal identity of Prairiecore fashion has created an endless source of inspiration for designers. Spring-Summer is indispensable for the appearance of dresses with vivid floral motifs. The fluttering and gentle rhythm of the dress from the steppe “blows” into the catwalk a liberal and poetic breeze. From Gucci , Dior , Valentino, etc., all seem to have been “fallen in love” with the dream named Prairiecore.

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