Q and a with btv elle on how to choose and preserve jeans

Q and a with btv elle on how to choose and preserve jeans

Clothes made from jeans material have long been a classic item to have in a woman’s wardrobe. But to properly preserve this material, did you know?

Q and a with btv elle on how to choose and preserve jeans


A: God gives women many shapes, and each person has a perfect pair of jeans to show off his or her natural contours. The petite, slim figure goes well with most pants, especially skinny jeans but with the exception of flared pants because it will make you look heavy. For chubby girls with sharp curves, look for jeans with a stretchy blend that hugs the body and is comfortable to move around. Tall people can enhance their long legs with two styles of low-rise and high-waisted pants. The hourglass shape can be worn with almost any shape of pants, especially skinny ones to accentuate the curves of the bust. A pear-shaped figure goes well with low-rise pants, ideally with a flared cut to make your legs look longer.


A: The answer is no. Even Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh discourages us from doing that. The reason is that water, laundry chemicals, fabric softener will affect the quality of jeans as well as the perfect blue color of each item, not to mention the loss of water. Experts recommend that your jeans should only be washed for the first time (with cold water and turned upside down) after 6 months of use, only washing with cold water and a little detergent. If the item starts to smell, put it in the freezer overnight or let it dry in the sun to kill bacteria and deodorize.


A: Each type of stain has its own treatment. For example, with chewing gum, apply ice directly to the stain or put the pants in the freezer to harden the gum and then remove it from the pants easily. For stains from makeup, first apply tape over the stain and then tear it off, repeating repeatedly until the stain fades. For blood stains, soak the dirty part in cold water, then sprinkle salt on the blood stain and gently scrub it with a soft brush. You can also brush off blood stains with white vinegar. As for coffee stains, soak the dirty part in warm water, scrub it with a sponge or loofah, and then let it dry. Note that if you treat the stain right after the “small accident” happens, it will be more effective, because not all chemicals or water at all temperatures are effective on stains on jeans.


A: Most jeans are classic, not afraid of going out of style. If you don’t want to throw them away or are afraid to give them to someone else, wear them again. To those old items into fresh and express themselves creatively, be variations of old jeans items for technical tearing up dust or fabric textures patchwork improvisation. You can also turn old jeans into unique accessories like bags , hats or home decorations like cushion covers, pillows or doormats.

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