Revisit 7 summer trends that continue to cover the fashion playground this fall

Revisit 7 summer trends that continue to cover the fashion playground this fall

Instead of having to completely refresh your wardrobe to welcome the fall, you can fully take advantage of the following versatile items. A little variation in the way of mix-&-match and you have an extremely stylish autumn outfit.

Revisit 7 summer trends that continue to cover the fashion playground this fall

Autumn “knock on the door” is often the time for fashionistas to start “changing blood” for their wardrobe. Short skirts above the knee, jeans shorts, or flip-flops will give way to “autumn” items such as knitted sweaters, boots, evening skirts, etc. The color of the outfit will also favor the tone. Neutrals like black, gray, beige, or earthy tones rather than bright colors. However, do not rush to store your summer items. Some clothing trends and colors that are popular in the summer can still go well with fall styles!

The tank top (also known as a sleeveless T-shirt) combined with shorts or short skirts is always a “classic” item to help dispel the summer heat. In the new season, you can still take advantage of this shirt to have autumn clothes in all different styles. Be neat when wearing with a blazer, gentle when combined with long skirts, or trendy with a tweed jacket, etc. tank tops are all confident “weighing”.

Last spring-summer fashion season, the “micro-jupe” (super short skirt) is the “star” of many fashion houses and is extremely loved by fashionistas. This Fall, the combination of super short skirts with high socks and ballet shoes is one of the trendiest and most worthy mixes for you to try. In addition, you can also wear this item with leather boots or sneakers for a dynamic and modern look.

Foot-friendly leather loafers will be a great choice for a walk in the cool autumn weather. For a perfect “autumn” look, you should combine loafers with a mini skirt and white turtlenecks – a bold “Gossip Girl” outfit. In addition, this item can also be combined very well with trousers, wool skirts or shorts. Note that you should limit wearing leather shoes when it rains so that the leather does not get moldy or peel off.

Dominating the Spring/Summer catwalk, fuchsia has really been the focal point of color throughout the beaches and indoor pools. And it will be the perfect choice to add some sweet light to this fall color palette. You can choose a light pink or a few tones darker than fuchsia. Or if you are afraid to put on a pink item that is too bright, you can choose accessories such as pink headbands, bags, and shoes to create outstanding highlights for your outfit.

Denim is a familiar material in the summer thanks to its cool properties. At the same time, this material is also becoming popular this fall thanks to the “throne” of the Y2K trend. You can embellish your denim with pearl or rhinestone details. A jacket, camisole, or a mini denim skirt will give you a nostalgic look.

Not only does it provide sun protection, but a cap also helps protect your hair from dust and monsoons. In early fall, this style of hat is often popular with leather, tweed, and velvet, and printed with iconic logos. Caps are very flexible in coordinating clothes, you just need to pay attention to the material and color of the hat to harmonize with the overall outfit.

Handbags made from natural materials are extremely familiar items throughout this summer. Come fall, this sophisticated rustic item will be “upgraded” into a bag that can be used every day. With a variety of designs and materials, and cleverly varied details, you can wear these bags in many different styles such as modern, elegant, academic… instead of just combining them with other styles. A long, country-style dress.

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