Some shareholders ask Activision Blizzard CEO to resign

Some shareholders ask Activision Blizzard CEO to resign

Mr Kotick is also accused of leaving a voicemail in 2006 threatening to “kill a female employee”. Earlier, the Wall Street Journal ran an article condemning Kotic, saying he was “aware of sexual misconduct within the company”. Earlier, Activision Blizzard employees also went on strike in protest.

Some shareholders ask Activision Blizzard CEO to resign

Contrary to the company’s previous statements, the company’s CEO Bobby Kotick understands that Activision Blizzard is subject to numerous incidents of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexism. Responsible executives and managers fired those involved but did not resolve.

In the letter, the shareholders stated that they would not vote to re-elect the current directors at the annual general meeting next June, and urged other shareholders to do the same.

SOC CEO Dieter Waizenegger said in an interview: “Following the new revelations, it is clear that current management has repeatedly failed to maintain a safe, functional workplace. fundamental in their work”.

“Activision Blizzard needs a new CEO, board chair, and independent directors with the expertise, skills, and beliefs to really change the company’s culture. We really need a reset button on the board,” said shareholders and employees.

The scandal erupted in July, when the company, which produces Call of Duty and World of Warcraft, was sued by the state of California for discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

Blizzard head J Allen Brack resigned in August. More than 20 Activision employees left after being asked to.

After the report was published, the ABK Workers’ Union – a group of employees for Activision’s sponsoring companies – shared they needed an organization to take legal action and “call on Mr. Kotick from office”.

Square Enix Enters NFT Market With Blockchain Version Stickers

Not long ago, the giant studio behind the hit RPG blockbusters: Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, etc. It has been announced that they will consider entering the NFT market, which could include the release of a sticker set of characters from the Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur series.

It is known that Million Arthur is an online game series that allows players to fight with each other with cards. In addition, the series has anime and manga adaptations.

As for the NFT sticker set of Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur, gamers can buy these stickers on the LINE Blockchain platform through the LINE BITMAX e-wallet, the character sticker design is all by Choboraunyopomi – the author with the set. Ai Mai Mii comic.

Is this the first move by Square Enix to enter the NFT market?

In addition to the Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur sticker set, Square Enix is ​​still developing a few new products of NFT nature. In Square Enix’s financial report, Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur’s sticker set quickly sold out, bringing positive profit for the company.

This proves that Square Enix is ​​looking for new ways to enter the NFT market. In the report, some of this giant studio’s directional plans for the NFT market show:

Shi-San-Sei Million Arthur is a positive example of the direction that Square Enix is ​​aiming for.They believe that their NFT projects will expand from centralized to decentralized form. Expect their NFT market economy to grow. The entry of a large game company into the NFT market like Square Enix is ​​still not surprising. Previously, EA and Ubisoft also had plans to enter the NFT market.

Although the NFT game market is a nascent game market, the majority of gamers criticized it because it caused some problems related to Microtransaction and other forms of fraud in the game.

However, it is also hard not to deny that this is a fairly fertile game market that a few game studios are trying to develop, and it has become the new craze of the Japanese game market.

According to TechStory, Japanese youth have adapted to blockchain technology in their daily lives. The sports and entertainment industries are accelerating the adoption of blockchain technology to increase the interactivity and experience for gamers.

It is not uncommon for various NFT products to be growing rapidly in Japan as well, which may explain why Square Enix is ​​interested in this NFT market.

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