Spent £7,000 on Christmas gifts for dogs

Spent £7,000 on Christmas gifts for dogs

Little ones next door Alisa Thorne, Rhonda Cynon Taff in Wales put love for pet dog first Christmas together both. Alisa Thorne spent a week transforming her six-month-old dog Fabio’s home into a wonderland during the Christmas season.

Spent £7,000 on Christmas gifts for dogs

In addition, the 52-year-old woman spent £600 (more than VND 18 million) to custom design a crystal bow, £130 (VND 4 million) for a Cavalli shirt. Alisa also bought a sled that is suitable for pets. The total cost is about 7,000 pounds The Chinese crested dog has been used to the “upper life” since returning to live with her owner Alisa. She often takes it out to play everywhere. “Fabio is my baby. I love her so much. I just want the best for her and can’t wait to spend our first Christmas together,” the barber said.

She doesn’t have many relatives, so Christmas with the dog means a lot to her. Before adopting Fabio, her dog Hugo, 10 years old, had just passed away. “I’m eager to help her open her presents,” Alisa said. To date, the owner has spent more than 12,000 pounds on Fabio, even though they have only lived together since July 2020. Its wardrobe has 800 pieces.

Alisa has set up an Instagram account for her four-legged friend. Currently, the account has 5,000 followers. “He just joined the dog modeling agency and has been to a few photo shoots,” she said.

A man spends almost $8800 on his dog’s Christmas toys.

A man is determined to give his dog the most paw-fect Christmas possible, spending thousands of dollars on gifts for his pet. Anthony Welsh, 57, of Liverpool, England, has no children and instead spends all of his money on his “daughter,” Princess Cleopatra Superchill, also known as Cleo. Mr Welsh rescued the seven-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier from an unpleasant environment when she was one, where he alleges she was kept up in a cage and suffering from depression. Mr Welsh has spent more than A$8800 on Cleo’s gifts this Christmas, with a total of 21 things under the tree.

The presents total more than $8700 and include Hifi bike equipment with bluetooth, a microphone, and Christmas lights incorporated into the frame, a racing bike for $1225, designer style clothing and toys, a doggie garden palace costing $285, and a pink diamanté designer collar. Mr Welsh hailed his dog as “wonderful” and said she is “very clever.” “She’s had the perfect life, which is why she’s the perfect dog,” he explained. “I’m overjoyed to be able to spend this much money on Princess Cleo, who is my spirit animal.”

Mr Welsh also wants to take Cleo out for Christmas dinner, with a reservation at Salt Dog Slim’s, a dog-friendly Liverpool restaurant, for a slap-up three-course meal for $123. When asked if he thought he was overspending on Cleo, he said that he didn’t believe so. Mr Welsh explained, “I do not believe it is unreasonable to spend so much money and effort on my princess since you just cannot put a price on her affection.” “She showers me with affection on a daily basis and is my ideal little buddy. “I am fortunate and grateful to be her owner – she is truly a way of life.”

He called her the “perfect Christmas companion” as well. Cleo appears to be spoiled not just on Christmas Day, but Mr Welsh has spent about $100,000 on her to date, including three tiny vehicles, six mountain bikes, and 71 clothes. Mr Welsh went on to say that his dog can execute a variety of activities, including surfing, high leaping, quad biking, and driving a children’s electric car. Mr Welsh, a personal trainer, does “dog yoga” with his dog and makes sure she receives massages as well. “A dog owner must invest time with their dog, work on the dog’s brain and thinking, and put forth the effort,” he stated.

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