Stunned Friendly kick but mercilessly smashing the opponent

Stunned Friendly kick but mercilessly smashing the opponent

The Austrian team is not a giant in the European region, and of course, when compared to the top football platforms like England, France or Spain, they are still just a “low-lying area”. .

Stunned Friendly kick but mercilessly smashing the opponent

For that reason, there is no club in Austria that receives the attention of a large number of fans. And as a matter of course, according to common sense, the match between Austria Wien and SC Mannsworth will not be worth our attention, especially when it is just a friendly match. However, the special thing about this competition is that it ended with an unbelievable score of 21-0

At the Estadio Franz Horr stadium, Austria Wien poured a rain of goals into the opponent’s net. The opening goal came right in the 1st minute, while the decisive goal was scored in the 80th minute. Before the two teams entered the break, the score was 9-0. The idea that with too much lead, the home team will actively slow down in the second half. But no, they continued to attack strongly and even tore the opponent’s net 12 more times.

The score of 21-0 is a worthy achievement after coach Manfred Schmid’s teachers and students have launched 44 shots. In the opposite direction, the guests only had 2 endings, and unfortunately, no goals appeared.

In addition to the number of shots and goals, Austria Wien also shows its dominance in the statistics of possession time (59% – 41%), number of attacks deployed (104 – 41). , the number of dangerous attacks (70 – 14) and the number of corners awarded (14 – 3).

Tell a little more about Austria Vienna. They are a club rich in tradition in Austria and have been crowned the highest level tournament in this country – the Austrian Bundesliga a total of 24 times.

However, their last championship was the story of the 2012/13 season. At the moment, Austria Wien is only 7th in the rankings with 21 points after 18 matches. With the top team RB Salzburg now having 45 points, it is clear that Austria Wien’s title thirst will certainly continue to be prolonged.

But most importantly a midfielder, as Arteta said. Partey’s arrival brought hope to Arsenal but he suffered too many injuries, so his frequency of appearances since joining Arsenal is not high. But everyone noticed, every time with Partey, Arsenal played more firmly.

Adding a partner to Partey, Arteta not only created a more vital midfield but also created more depth to help Partey get the breaks he needed to recover. But the important thing is who will be chosen? A young person can bring long-term value, but an experienced person can help Arteta keep the existing youth group long enough for his reconstruction plan.

Wijnaldum is currently the most mentioned name. Not yet occupying an official position at PSG, Wijnaldum may be ready to leave to save his season. Arsenal is not a bad choice to be there, the ambition is huge. Moreover, PSG also need to reduce the salary burden to focus on a long campaign: Keeping Mbappe.

Strengthening an experienced individual like Wijnaldum, Arteta can completely create a much stronger Arsenal because the Dutch international has everything he needs. Level, power, speed, ability to multi-task and above all, a deep understanding of the Premier League.

In addition, after many years of playing football at Newcastle and Liverpool, Wijnaldum did not have any language barriers while working in England. It’s just a matter of budget. PSG probably won’t ask too much if Wijnaldum insists on leaving because they got him on a free transfer, without paying an initial investment fee.

Arteta’s reconstruction takes time. It is time for Arsenal’s youth today to grow up, more mature and more mischievous. But “time” can save time, if we understand “time” to mean the accumulated experience of players at the age of nine. Arsenal’s transfer policy is always aimed at young potential, with the expectation of reaping sweet fruits in the future.

But there should be exceptions because everyone understands, time is gold and the more time the reconstruction project is saved, the easier it is for Arteta to achieve his goals. Inexperience has caused Arsenal to lose to Man Utd, Man City and Liverpool recently and once that inexperience forces them to pay the price against a lower division like Nottingham,

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