The US game market reached over 6 billion USD in revenue

The US game market reached over 6 billion USD in revenue

In November, earnings in the US gaming market recorded a decline. Analysts at NPD Group have released sales results from US gamers spending $6.3 billion on video games, hardware and accessories, 10% less than a year ago. Of this, $5.13 billion came from game sales (on console, PC and mobile) as well as subscription and cloud services down 1% from last year.

The US game market reached over 6 billion USD in revenue

Gaming hardware sales fell the most, falling 38% year-on-year to $883 million. This is the lowest revenue since November 2016.

Nintendo Switch is the best-selling console model in terms of both units sold and revenue in USD. US gamers bought 1.13 million Switch units in November.

Accessories sales also fell 20% year-on-year to $258 million. NPD tracks physical sales from retailers and receives digital data from US issuers, but not all companies provide the information. Nintendo doesn’t disclose digital-exclusive sales, and neither does Activision Blizzard.

Meanwhile, a recent report by Newzoo said that the game market size in 2021 could reach 189.3 billion USD. The COVID-19 epidemic has boosted the number of gamers around the world. During the quarantine period, playing games has become a habit and a need in everyone’s life.

In 2021, 2.8 billion game players are forecast to bring in $189.3 billion in revenue for the international game market. With the continuous development of the internet platform and economic growth in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

Learn about Ifrit Jambe, Sanji’s powerful new technique

Ifrit Jambe is a completely new technique that appeared in chapter 1034 of the One Piece manga, this can be seen as a much more powerful upgraded version than Diable Jambe. With the combination of super strength, super speed, the rigidity of the exoskeleton as well as armed Haki, Sanji has created a new skill with a stronger flame and extremely destructive power.

First we will talk about the name of the new move because the name is always the highlight that the author Oda creates and sometimes leaves interesting ester eggs, before that the Diable Jambe skill in French means Foot (Jambe) Devil (Diable).

Ifrit, also spelled Efreet, Afrit and Afreet, is a powerful demon in Islamic mythology. Ifrit is often associated with the underworld and is also identified with the spirits of the dead. In later folklore, they evolved into independent entities, seen as demons or powerful spirits of the dead, often living in desolate places such as ruins and temples. The essence of Ifrit is a Jinn from hell, famous for its strength and cunning, cruelty, and ruthlessness.

The most notable feature of this Demon is that Ifrit is often associated with the image of fire in each appearance. It seems that instead of calling Sanji’s move by the generic name “Demon”, author Oda has concretized the name of Ba’s technique with the name of a Demon associated with the image of Fire.

Another rather interesting detail is that before Sanji couldn’t use his full abilities, the problem that occurred when he used Diable Jambe was that Sanji’s body wouldn’t be able to withstand the pressure and his legs would not work. Can be discarded if Diable Jambe is used too many times. However, after awakening his strength, Sanji now possesses a new body that is extremely sturdy and allows him to create many powerful techniques with much more destructive power than before without worrying. Fear of damage to the body.

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