Top 7 most attractive detective games for mobile

Top 7 most attractive detective games for mobile

The detective game not only brings the thrill of hunting the mystery, but also challenges tactical thinking, ingenuity, and puzzle intelligence.

Top 7 most attractive detective games for mobile

Jekyll & Hyde is a visual novel-style detective game that allows players to enjoy a classic novel ahead of its time. based on the origin story of Jekyll and Hyde, set in 19th century London. Hunt for clues from crime and unravel mysteries through adventure. This is the third MazM Story where players get to experience the cat and mouse game.

Enjoy this amazing story by scouring the city of London to uncover hidden triggers and solve problems. You will experience the mystery of the origin story from the point of view of the lawyer ‘Utterson’ following ‘Hyde’ in this Adventure Game. At the same time feel the psychological changes that the main character has to go through.

The plot in the detective game Murdered by Midnight is very simple, you try to solve a murder by finding out who is telling the truth and who is lying to protect yourself. You piece together all the information you get from witnesses and rumours, then, if you’re lucky, you might stumble across the murder weapon and confirm it by dusting it off for fingerprints.

In Murdered by Midnight, you get to choose from a range of colorful characters (with stunning artwork) and play as a detective inside a 1920s Art Deco mansion. Complete with a generous amount of room. redundancy and fancy character names, the game takes you right into the story from the start, there’s a read-aloud function you can turn it on and off, it’s a great accessibility touch support you throughout the experience.

Developed by Buff Studio, the team that has been successful with Underworld Office is also known by Vietnamese gamers by the familiar name of Office of the Earth. Murder on Budapest! is a detective role-playing puzzle game combining unique visual novel that any gamer who loves adventure is hard to ignore.

The plot of Muder on Budapest will tell the story of discovering a mysterious estate. Gamers will play the role of one of the tourists stuck in the mountains after blizzards, they visit an estate and are supported with free food and shelter. However, when they start to part, they suddenly discover that one of the crew members is dead! Who is the killer?

Along with the familiar plot that detective gamers have realized with “Death on the Orient Express” or “Sherlock Holmes”, “Famous Detective Conan”… Murders on Budapest! brings a strange but also very familiar experience to gamers.

Sonny Featherland and Marty MacChicken were once a legendary detective duo, known as the Chicken Police. But that was almost a decade ago, and time has passed mercilessly. Now Sonny and Marty are forced to work together on a case more bizarre than anything they’ve ever met before! An adventure inspired by the classic film noir Wild Gentleman, takes players through the dark and gritty world of the 1940s with a hint of humor.

Chicken Police detective game – Paint It Red! highlights a unique visual style, in keeping with the aesthetic of the time. Using stunning 3D background artwork, this title effectively captures the tone and overall atmosphere of detective noir stories. This very distinct vibe becomes more engaging with the original soundtrack. In addition, there is a bit of sarcastic humor at some points despite the story plot has many dark sides that make the game even more attractive.

Tears of Themis takes place in the city of Stellis and players will find ways to solve a series of mysterious crimes. Players can uncover hidden details about the case by gathering evidence at the scene before interrogating suspects and examining items you find. From there, you can cross-examine the clues to unravel the truth.

In addition, players also have to participate in court trials. There, you will have to carefully choose the evidence you give so that the crime is dealt with quickly. However, after attending a number of trials you will find that each case can be related to the other.

In addition to experiencing the work of a detective, lawyer, in this detective game, players also experience romantic stories with 4 main male characters. Each person has distinct personalities. Players can spend their time learning about them by texting or video calling whenever you want.

Murder Mystery Machine has a total of 9 chapters, the last chapter has just been released by Blazing Griffin on Apple Arcade titled ‘The Tyger and the Lamb’. The player’s task in this detective and puzzle game is to connect the dots to uncover the dark truth of the city.

Players will connect a complex web of suspects, motives, methods, and evidence in unique deductive mind-mapping puzzles. Also research crime scenes, rotate each scene to collect clues and interrogate suspects. As the line between law and justice blurs, players must judge for themselves what is right and wrong.

The latest chapter has 5 added mysteries that players need to solve. When the only person who could help solve the case is found dead in a motel parking lot, detectives understand it’s too coincidental to think it’s a simple case. By personal choices the player must make the right decisions.

Disco Elysium is a detective game inspired by TRPG games like Dungeons & Dragons with lots of digital elements. This game is considered the best modern successor to Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment at the moment. Set in a fantasy real world known as Revachol, the game puts you in the role of an amnesiac detective who is tasked with solving a murder.

All events in the game, from battles to simple conversations, are solved using a dialogue tree and a system of dozens of skills that represent every aspect of the protagonist such as intelligence. , emotional or physical strength. Disco Elysium also includes a system called the Thought Cabinet, which represents the main character’s thoughts and personality traits. This allows you to freely express or suppress them, which means you can play the game in a variety of ways.

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