Top 8 survival games that bring colorful experiences

Top 8 survival games that bring colorful experiences

If survival movies show many aspects of life, survival games also offer colorful experiences. Developed by DAERISOFT, A Girl Adrift is an exciting survival game that brings the entire marine and ocean environment into the fingertips of mobile gamers. Specifically, gamers will play the role of a girl who lives in the ocean and survives by fishing for the purpose of collecting all the strange fish species in the world.

Top 8 survival games that bring colorful experiences

The context of the game takes place in the future when all major cities have been submerged below sea level and the player is the last person to survive on a single wooden raft. More specifically, the game does not focus on survival purposes like previous survival games, but completing a collection of rare fish species is the main character’s goal.

Thereby every time you drift through the seas that used to be big cities like Hong Kong, Singapore, Bali… gamers will approach a rare species of fish that requires adept fishing skills. Each time you successfully catch these rare fish, gamers will receive experience and expert points as well as can use previously received items to upgrade fishing rods.

The gameplay of Super Animal Royale bears a lot of similarities with PUBG and Call of Duty’s Warzone game mode from parachuting in search of weapons to survival in the circle. Is it possible that all these survival activities are shown through simple 2D graphics.

However, the simplicity of the graphics is inversely proportional to the attraction when the game constantly brings laughter from interesting survival situations of animals. Specifically, gamers can not only play the role of animals such as tigers and lions to use weapons to finish other players, but also can use their imagination to set traps with banana peels and wait for the enemy to step. into the battle of “sliding banana peels”.

Besides, the 2D graphics combined with the music with the soft and cute melody makes the game more accessible to the teenage gaming community than ever before.

The plot of Metro Survival takes place in the near future when a radioactive explosion takes place a few dozen kilometers from Moscow. The radioactive rain has left serious harm when mankind mutated into bloodthirsty monsters and only those who managed to hide in the subway tunnel could survive and start rebuilding the population. post-apocalyptic society.

Possessing impressive graphics, Metro Survival easily recreates the hard survival of humanity when hiding under the dark subway lines. In general, the game has something reminiscent and quite similar to the super product Metro 2033, of course, compared to the Metro game series on PC, it is still far behind.

The gameplay of the game mainly revolves around the scene, through which gamers will have to go out in search of necessities, to build a base as well as set up a defense system against the invasion of bloodthirsty monsters.

Bloodshore is like Fortnite or PUBG bringing players into a narrative and interactive game in the form of FMV. Bloodshore follows the story of a real battle drama, featuring famous streamers, entertainers and death row inmates, all fighting to be the last man alive. And all of it is televised for viewers to enjoy in the form of a program called Kill / Stream.

You will play as Nick, a frivolous actor who wants the big check so he can turn his life around. He’s competing alongside others on Kill/Stream for the life-changing ultimate prize. But there must be something bigger hidden here? Why would you want to fight other celebrities and kill them until only one survives?

Bloodshore was designed with over 8 hours of FMV footage, a record of Wales Interactive itself. There is too much to do and too many choices to make. Each time you play, you will discover new things that will have extremely serious consequences for Nick and the rest of the island.

Puzzles Survival is a game that combines 2 puzzle and strategy styles, through which gamers will have to use all abilities to collect resources, defeat each wave of zombies by aligning tiles of the same color according to the task. match 3 mode. Especially throughout this survival adventure, gamers can also recruit countless more effective companions with different powerful skills.

In addition to the novel intellectual gameplay, the game is also extremely promising with a variety of game modes that gamers can experience easily with friends. Even the game’s sub-mode is considered extremely difficult and gamers and teammates must be very quick to be able to coordinate and survive in this game.

The plot of The Bonfire 2: Uncharted Shores is quite simple when gamers and their crew have an accident at sea and you are washed up on an island and have to start learning how to survive in the wild. Thereby throughout the journey to fight for his life, gamers must gather all the necessities to build a safe camp for their community.

The gameplay of the game mainly revolves around building and managing resources, but between getting lost on a deserted island, the game is more about exploration and a bit creepy when you will not be able to know what is going on. wait until night falls and the campfire goes out. Thereby building an army to protect the safety of people and property will be a necessary priority that island owners need to pay attention to if they want to survive in this wilderness.

The context and plot of the game is not too different from the zombie-themed games that have been released before when the lucky player is a survivor and is lost in the middle of a zombie-infested world. It is at this point that you will have to recruit each member and build a safe base where humanity can continue to survive in this undead age.

The gameplay of the game is mainly focused on building and survival, through which each character in the game will have their own unique unique skills and you must take advantage of all these available resources to develop your base. Go ahead and fight zombies and various hidden enemies in the game. Besides, the game mode is also quite diverse and in addition to building a house, gamers also have to take care of mounts to be able to move easily in the post-apocalyptic era.

Although it is only a vertical screen game, the graphics of Doomsday of Dead are also meticulously cared for and the number of zombies in the game is also extremely large enough to make gamers feel lost every time they explore.

The context of Goose Goose Duck is quite similar to Among Us when gamers will become geese on a spaceship, with the task of repairing and helping the spacecraft get out of danger soon. But life is difficult to say the word “suspect” when on the boat there are killer ducks mixed in to sabotage and silently kill players.

Basically, the gameplay remains the same as the Among Us version. But there are many things that have been added to make the game much more interesting, which in my opinion is more successful than other titles:

+ This game has Proximity Voice Chat system – Sound system near and far, you can use the ingame mic to talk and listen to people near you. Games

+ The game has a role system (function) that you can turn on and off and choose from very simple roles to complex roles just like the familiar Werewolf or Mafia games.

+ The game has a system of costume shops and farting effects for you to plow and paint, although it does not increase the power, it will also look very nice to flex in front of new friends.

+ And the 2 plus points I think are the most important is that this game is free on steam, along with a very light configuration, almost any computer can be played.

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