Versace when a shocking assassination did not extinguish the fire of passion

Versace when a shocking assassination did not extinguish the fire of passion

Blow a breath of fresh air into revolutionizing the vanity industry, Versace has built a flourishing empire with legendary fashion heritage. On the occasion of the birthday (December 2, 1946) of the talented Italian designer – Gianni Versace , let’s take a look back at the historical journey and memorable milestones that created the strength of the leading fashion house. world top.

Versace when a shocking assassination did not extinguish the fire of passion

Gianni Versace was born in 1946 and grew up in Reggio Calabria, southern Italy with brother Santo and sister Donatella . As a child, Versace showed no interest in studying in class or playing football with his peers. It was the scraps of fabric or the glittering accessories in her mother’s tailor that caught Gianni’s attention.

After ending the fun of childhood and natural talent is gradually being revealed, the young Versace decided to attend technical school with a dream of illustrious architectural works. However, at the age of 26, his fate with the world of “silk dress” drew him to the fashion capital of Milan and achieved great success as a designer.

In 1978, the brand Gianni Versace SpA was established, marking an important turning point in the fashion career of the Italian designer. From here, the name Versace quickly resonated in the fashion world when he introduced brilliant designs inspired by Greek culture with sexy shapes and “matrix” of motifs between the realm of the latest trends. contemporary minimalism.

Disaster struck the Italian fashion house when Gianni Versace was assassinated by two bullets right in front of the Casa Casuarina mansion in South Beach, USA. Although the perpetrator has been identified as Andrew Cunanan, a serial killer is on the police’s most wanted list. However, for the past two decades, police and FBI agents have not been able to determine the exact motive of Cunanan’s murder, and whether Gianni Versace was just a random victim or he was really a prey. brought into view.

Leaving at the age of 50 at the peak of his career, he left behind a crisis and great loss with his “brainchild” Versace and legendary fashion legacies. However, with the successor of her sister – Creative Director Donatella Versace, the massive Italian empire was once again reborn and left a brilliant mark on the gold table of the world fashion village.

It can be said that there will be no concept of “Less is More” in Versace with the spirit of honoring the splendor and creativity of fashion and art. The female demon Medusa on the logo of the fashion house represents the principle of power and breakthrough that is always present in the design philosophy. On a background of colorful colors, the brand’s classic rebellious imprint has always “fascinated” the followers of all time and “fallen into the sights” of many stars at red carpet events. Top of the world.

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