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Hawaiian Shirts Have Moved On From Their Daddy Problems

The tropical design, which was traditionally only worn by dads on vacation, has resurfaced in LGBT culture and among women in the office. Hawaiian Shirts Have Moved On From Their Daddy Problems On vacation, everyone wants to be a parent, but without the cargo shorts. Nothing says opulence and indulgence like a middle-aged man taking […]

This Foundation Might Be The Best Waterproof Ever Producted

Summer can be a tough time for those of us who love basis. Even the lightest formulation can slip off when the sun is basically doing its factor, particularly if we’re doing our due diligence with sunscreen and moisturizer. While waterproof make-up has come a great distance, there are some particular stand-out stars among the […]

12 mega summer trends to exchange your trusty loungewear for this season

Just as we had been all getting used to the 28°C warmth and revelling within the eventual arrival of summer time, the solar has seemingly packed up its bags and we’re having to remember where we arrogantly packed away our waterproof jackets. But it is only June, and there’s nonetheless hope for that long sizzling […]

Be aware: Crop tops are the latest trend that will make *all* your outfits look so hot

When crop tops began to trickle onto the catwalks, we put it down to a moment of Y2K impressed madness. But they stored on coming… and then the excessive road joined in… and now the sun has (finally) appeared, it’s official. Crop tops are having a *major* trend second. Be aware: Crop tops are the […]

Dog Sure Love Us, But They Don’t Love Your Face, From Recent Study

You might imagine your canine is excited on the sight of your face, however analysis published Monday means that sadly, she most likely isn’t. The research, in the Journal of Neuroscience, reveals that canine aren’t wired to give attention to human faces. What does make their brains spark is the glimpse of another dog. The […]

We Saw A Girl Pushed A Bear Off Her Fence To Rescue Her Pet. But What Can We Do To Save Suburbia From Wildlife?

If you have ever seen “The Revenant,” set 200 years in the past, you most likely keep in mind when Leonardo DiCaprio’s frontiersman character meets a very offended bear in the wilderness. (If you have not seen the movie, all you need to know is that it does not finish well for DiCaprio.) Fights between […]