Christmas tree as small as 1/20,000 hairs

Christmas tree as small as 1/20,000 hairs

Female PhD student used a microscope to separate atoms and created the world’s smallest Christmas tree, only 4 nanometers tall. Maura Willems, a PhD student in applied physics at Delft University of Technology, Delft city, Netherlands, created the world’s smallest Christmas tree, Futurism reported on December 21.

Christmas tree as small as 1/20,000 hairs

During his graduation preparations, Willems used a scanning tunneling microscope (STM), a sophisticated device capable of scanning individual atoms, even changing their positions. As a result, she was able to build tiny structures with atoms one by one and study quantum mechanical properties.

Willems came up with the idea of ​​​​creating a tiny Christmas tree. She separated 51 atoms from a complete lattice and obtained a pine-like structure 4 nanometers, or 4/1,000,000 millimeters tall. The pine tree, which is only 1/2000 of a human hair, is an interesting work created by the scanning tunneling microscope.

Scientists often use scanning tunneling microscopes when they need to find, analyze, or manipulate individual atoms. This device helps them study electron behavior and superconductivity in graphene materials. In addition, it also helps experts better understand the universe by studying how the universe works on the smallest scales.

Ghost snake hiding under the Christmas tree

A family in the state of Tasmania was shocked when they discovered a venomous cobra lurking under a Christmas tree on December 14.

Felicity Richardson, of Glenlusk, a suburb of Hobart, Tasmania, said she came across the venomous snake hiding among gift boxes after hearing a dog barking around 1am. Initially, Richardson assumed it was a mouse or rabbit. She only recognized the snake when she stooped to move some presents under the tree.

Before contacting local snake catcher Reptile Rescue Tasmania, Richardson traps the snake with a large pot. With the help of her 13-year-old daughter, she uses a cutting board to herd the cobra into a large box. Richardson took a photo of the plastic box containing the snake and shared it on his personal Facebook.

Justin Kneebone, of Reptile Rescue Tasmania, said snakes in general prefer shade and shelter to avoid the hot environment outside. After receiving a call from Richardson, the snake catcher came to take away the ghost cobra and release it into the wild. Richardson said she left a sliding door open due to the heat on December 13. “Now we have to be very careful, make sure the sliding doors or shutters are always closed, and lock the dog doors at night,” says Richardson.

Ghost cobras usually avoid encounters with humans. They will hiss or thrash before attacking with a bite, according to the Australian Museum. Experts warn that ghost cobras can be dangerous to humans. When provoked, they are ready to rush to bite. Their venom contains neurotoxins, blood thinners, and cytotoxic poisons. A single bite from an adult snake is lethal enough if not treated promptly.

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