6 fashion items that cannot be missed in the wardrobe of a typical gen z

6 fashion items that cannot be missed in the wardrobe of a typical gen z

In recent years, Gen Z is the generation that is gradually “dominating” fashion trends on social networks. Especially in a time when social networks have almost become the main portal for fashionistas and fashionistas to update information and trends, the influence of Gen Z on fashion has become even stronger. stronger. So have you ever wondered, what are the most popular fashion items for this new generation of young people? To learn more about the personal style and freshness of a typical Gen Z, let ELLE take a look at 5 indispensable designs in their wardrobe.

6 fashion items that cannot be missed in the wardrobe of a typical gen z

With their youthful fashion style, Gen Z has “switched” long and graceful cardigan coats into an extremely dynamic and convenient crop top design. Not only wearing a cropped cardigan alone with jeans or a skirt, Gen Z fashionistas also combine them with a synchronized two-piece shirt to create a fresh, sexy look without feeling too revealing. or objectionable.

The cropped cardigans with the “curtain reveal” design, which are simplified with the buttonhole part and replaced by a fragile extension cord, are also very popular fashion items and are “fascinated” by IT Girls.

Gone are the heyday of tight skinny jeans. Now, Gen Z girls are actively “promoting” for comfortable and flexible wide-leg pants. With loose or flared trousers depending on preference, Gen Z is free to transform with many different fashion styles. The wide-leg jeans “follow” Gen Z to everywhere, from the active office with simple plain jeans to walking around with friends with “quality” ripped jeans. Not only bringing comfort to the wearer, the design of these pants also helps to hide the shortcomings of less slender legs.

Undeniably, COVID-19 and the long distances have more or less affected the world fashion trend. Instead of tight and sophisticated designs, every girl’s wardrobe at this time gradually emphasizes comfort and convenience. With the agility in catching the trend, Gen Z has contributed to the prevalence of youthful and flexible elastic waist pants.

Not only stopping at home clothes or casual walks with friends, Gen Z also “breathes a new wind” for the design of sweatpants with trendy and dynamic Athleisure-style mixes. .

Having said that, Gen Z is a generation that loves nostalgia with the Y2K trend and “works” to revive the cult designs of the 2000s. Besides wide-leg jeans or cardigans, the The once-popular baguette bag is also one of the favorites of this young generation.

Designed with the width of a typical French baguette , this bag used to be an indispensable accessory in the collection of fashionistas. However, to better fit the flow of fashion, current baguette bags have been “cooked” in size and material to produce streamlined versions, more suitable for aesthetic thinking. of Gen Z youth.

It can be said that Gen Z is the “playable” generation when it comes to always bringing freshness and a unique personal fashion imprint into its clothing mixes. Not only likes to “revive” fashion styles that once “stormed”, Gen Z also makes other generations overwhelmed by their ability to “play” with color.

It is not difficult to see the appearance of bright and eye-catching color-blocking outfits in daily life or in the images posted on social networks of this generation. Colorful, attractive outfits, harmoniously coordinated from gentle pastel tones to vivid neon colors seem to have become the distinctive identity of Gen Z.

In addition to trendy clothing designs, the wardrobe of a Gen Z certainly cannot be “without” unique and disruptive jewelry accessories. Instead of just wearing 1-2 items in a streamlined style, Gen Z prefers to mix & match layers of “cave” chain chokers, thin necklaces or rings with statement designs together to create points. press “expensive” and new for your outfit.

With the popularity of the Y2K trend, childhood plastic beads bracelets with many vivid colors are also an accessory that Gen Z “favorites” this year.

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