Chanel Mademoiselle’s fashion revolution in 12 points

Chanel Mademoiselle's fashion revolution in 12 points

Avant-garde, avant-garde, revolutionary. The definitions that Mademoiselle Chanel describes form a separate, almost exclusive vocabulary used exclusively by her. Chanel considered clothing a reflection of time and its attributes, she made a radical change in fashion, moving away from the aesthetic definition of the time to change in social revolt. Women’s rebellion speaks to freedom not only of mind and expression but also of physicality – Chanel offers women the same comforts that are exclusive to men. Pants, shirts, soft skirts: this is the wear of a new age that embraces distressism and anticipates the ongoing debate on gender equality.

Chanel Mademoiselle’s fashion revolution in 12 points

In addition to providing women with an aesthetic tool to redefine her role in society, in her person Gabrielle represents an archetype of absolute liberation: an entrepreneur, with financial resources. abundance, the result of work, not the consequence of a marriage bond. . Single, open with passion, unashamed to live fully in the sunlight, Coco Chanel was the first to push the boundaries of fashion and contemporary femininity, through the 12 pillars on which She built her ideal world.

Privileged in the men’s wardrobe, trousers have truly become a symbol of the aesthetic provocation of Coco Chanel, who first adapted them to the needs of women. A high, soft yet tight-fitting belt and a wide tube in lightweight fabric to ensure complete freedom of movement – ​​these are the hallmarks of an iconic choice, embodying Chanel’s desire to balance the two. world by providing both the same clothing for the costume.

The blue and white striped shirt has transformed the way we see fashion. The official French navy uniform, the two-tone geometric pattern has always fascinated couturières, who appreciate its simplicity and at the same time the freshness of the colors. In 1917, the first designer to head to the military world, Chanel presented a collection entirely dedicated to the navy, ushering in a new era of women’s fashion.

Today, it is believed that the sporty style is the ultimate fruit of the street style and rap culture of the 90s. In fact, mademoiselle Coco who found in the shirt and the stretchy Its was the perfect element to glamorize her outfit. Exclusive to the tennis and training arenas, the jersey, as well as vests, vests and knee-length skirts, were moved from the gym to the catwalk, affirming Coco’s principle that “luxury is a must. comfortable, otherwise maybe” “It’s about luxury”.

Women’s fashion has always been a whirlwind of colors, from pastels to vibrant shades of gems, and women’s clothing can only be defined as such if colored in pink, red, purple and blue. bland. Not inclined to use bright and vivid colors, Chanel recreated women’s clothing in two tones: white and black. Making the most of the potential of monochrome, couturière was the first to combine the concept of elegance with simplicity.

The result of Coco’s love for neutral tones was the creation of a color block look. By combining black and white in a single outfit, Mademoiselle has come up with outfits that are minimal, essential but at the same time rich in sophistication. One detail is enough: a white suit, with black trim, a collar and cuffs, a combination of a black dress with a white jacket, a black toe with a beige top: you don’t need any anything else to be perfect.

For women, pearls and jewelry have represented attachment for centuries, belonging to a family or to a man. They cannot be purchased as individuals, they are part of a family inheritance or a gift from a husband, emphasizing the economic subordination of women to men. Chanel overturned this convention by introducing an accessory that combined the beauty of jewelry with social revolt: imitation pearls. Inexpensive yet effective, can be used by all women who can afford to wear a chic bijoux bought with their savings.

Chanel jackets have become one of the “monsters” of the fashion industry, and the reason is simple. After World War I, the role of women in the family and society changed radically. Together with the men at the front and in the trenches, the women took the reins of the family economy, began to work to provide for their children and develop independence, though tragically never before. experience. The modern woman was born precisely in those dramatic times, finding the key to her liberation at work. For her, Chanel created her iconic coat. Simple, versatile and sophisticated, it can be worn 24/7, from work to dinner, from day to night without losing its charm and becoming a symbol of career women. nowadays.

2.55 was born from Mademoiselle’s need to create something that could hold her small and necessary things when out and about. So the idea of ​​​​creating a convenient and elegant new bag was born. This was the first it-bag in history, and since then the French fashion house has continued the tradition with models that have become equally iconic, from the Boy bag to the Gabrielle.

The Little Black Dress, also known as the black evening gown, was the first slit dress ever produced. Coco Chanel found the key to creating a dress that a woman can wear on any occasion, from a formal dinner to a reception, in elegant black, always looking perfect. From classic black mini dresses to midi skirts with soft skirts, Little Black Dress is today a permanent and indispensable presence in every woman’s wardrobe.

In 1931, Coco Chanel began collaborating with Goldwyn Mayer, entering the world of cinema as a costume designer. Coco made clothes for Marcel Carné’s The Haven of Mists (1938), Jean Renoir’s The Rule of the Game (1945), Roger Vadim’s Dangerous Links (1959), Last Year in Marienbad (1961) and François Truffaut’s Alain Resnais and Baci Rubati (1968) were among the actors who wore them, including two Hollywood stars, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.

Becoming one of the most frequent (and in-demand) customers of the international jet line, Coco Chanel was the first to become a real celebrity. Romy Schneider’s best friend, Igor Stravinskij’s lover Gabrielle created around her a circle of close friends, including some of the greatest artists of the time, adding to her pomp and specialness. always with her. In addition, she was the first designer to have her own musical, Coco, based on Alan Jay Lerner’s biographical novel of the same name, with music by Frederick Brisson, and a female debut musical speaker. Amazing actress Katherine Hepburn.

“A woman without perfume is a woman without a future,” mademoiselle used to say. Thus, from its first boutique at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris, Chanel conquered the world with a drop of perfume, transformed Chanel maison into a fashion and cosmetics company, and was the first to create one. reflective nature, an olfactory level, its aesthetics. And, of course, the story doesn’t end there. Perfume, like jewelry, represents an outsized expense for most women, due to its composition of prized essential oils. With the introduction of N°5 in 1921, Coco Chanel offered every woman the chance to be perfumed with jasmine and rose from the Grasse countryside,presents an exclusive and expensive perfume that is affordable compared to the French leader Haute Parfumerie in the field up to that time.

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