5 trendy suit trends predicted to dominate the spring-summer 2022 fashion season

5 trendy suit trends predicted to dominate the spring-summer 2022 fashion season

From the male-only agenda, the suit has stepped out of the conservative norm to become a feminist manifesto in the 60s . When Yves Saint Laurent introduced a suit design called Le Smoking with clean cuts, a body-hugging figure that brought glamor and authority to women, women’s fashion entered a new era of pride. and break old norms. Experiencing a provocative “rebellion” period in history, the suit is now a common symbol of elegant beauty mixed with a strong masculinity that always fascinates fashionistas. The fresh breeze is “dominating” the trends of the next fashion season as it brings a new attractive and youthful look to this fashion trend.

5 trendy suit trends predicted to dominate the spring-summer 2022 fashion season

Not simply a comfortable “relaxation”, next year’s fashion season sees the rise of “baggy” designs like “borrowed” from dads’ wardrobes. In addition to the spacious blazer with extended shoulder lines, the accompanying pants are often tube-shaped with a significant “hacking” effect. To make the overall set less heavy, followers often use light materials such as linen or khaki blends. Your mix will be “raised” to a new level when combined with bra top , tight crop top or high-knee boots.

Dispelling the gloomy atmosphere of the office, vivid colors are “invading” the world of suits as if challenging all eyes. This mood-lighting palette provides inspiration for fun color play. Try adding depth to your outfit with a monochrome formula or step out of your comfort zone with an eye – catching color-blocking style . The extra emphasis on color will often come from bags, shoes, glasses or a few small jewelry accessories.

It can be said that the mark of the modern suit trend comes from the bold cut lines that break the strict standards that created a perfect design before. With an expensive highlight at the slim waist, the cropped suit completely brings the serious look of the suit into the bustling atmosphere of exciting parties. In addition, the rise of the Y2K trend with the leadership of IT-girls, followed by low- rise pants, has made the followers more actively show off their “waist belt” second round.

The elegance of the suit design is doubled when covered with a trendy leather layer . The street “breath” of the 90s immediately flooded with nostalgic combinations and flared pants. However, when you have focused on the material, you should remember to moderate the colors and textures of the outfit. Your mix will “eat” more than ever when subtly adding compact bags like baguette or belt-bag. Don’t forget to complete the look with a little sparkle from the minimalist metallic accessory detail.

Like a symphony from the past, checkered suits will take you “lost” into the world of European aristocratic school movies with romance mixed with subtle classics. This will be the ideal choice for girls who pursue the Dark Academia style with the charm of education and sophistication. Black or brown leather loafers or oxfords will always be an unbeatable addition to this design. To enhance your look, you can completely add a modern “spice” with trendy accessories such as leather bags or stylish glasses.

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