PewDiePie thinks Fortnite collab Naruto is ‘a crime’

PewDiePie thinks Fortnite collab Naruto is 'a crime'

Over the past week, Fortnite has released a full trailer about the collab with Naruto. But in my opinion, it seems that foreign gamers are not very interested. I get this, it’s not at its peak after all. It is understandable that the publisher is looking for ways to attract players.

PewDiePie thinks Fortnite collab Naruto is ‘a crime’

However, collaborating with an anime masterpiece like Naruto also made Fortnite receive mixed reactions. The most prominent of them is the new video posted on PewDiePie’s channel. He thinks that Epic Games is a bunch of criminals for daring to “kill” a masterpiece publicly in front of all players. And this isn’t the only time they’ve done this. They’ve “stolen” both Superman and Master Chief before, all of these streamer’s favorite sets. Will the “war” screen between him and Fortnite last until what year?

Of course Game4V cannot answer the above question in any way. But hopefully, this will be a reminder for those who want to make games. From time immemorial, game collaboration with anime has always been a double-edged sword. If successful, both brands will be raised to a new level. But when it fails… you probably don’t need to say it anymore. And the failure rate will increase if the two brands do not match well. Or when we use a game with a bad anime brand that requires too much collaboration. In order to gain the reputation of “sucking fame”, “hungry for fame”, if you want to develop later, you will also encounter quite a few obstacles. In short, combining anime and games is a decision that needs to be carefully thought out.

The above is just PewDiePie’s own statement about Fortnite collab with Naruto. And what do you think about this issue? Please leave a comment below!

Myth of Empires – Game of Mythical Empire is set to land on Steam 11/18

The game Myth of Empires is developed by Angela Game and distributed by Imperium Interactive Entertainment Limited and Antiidelay to the Steam store.

The war-themed sandbox game with an ancient oriental setting The Mythic Empire, after going through many tests, will be released on the Steam platform at 18:00 on November 18.

Myth of Empires is set in the Asian continent and is nested in a setting based on historical events. The world in the game is created meticulously and in detail for the most realistic experience possible. Producer Angela Game has perfected the product with realistic geography, geomorphology, flora and fauna and rich cultural background that gives players a new adventure.

The game is heavily related to a real historical setting, fantasy elements such as magic are reduced, instead the game provides a detailed visual and feature system.

In Myth of Empires, allied guilds can conquer other parts of Asia. All of this is made possible by the exciting challenge and conquest in this Steam game.

Reportedly, the Early Access version of the game costs 98 yuan, and in the first week it is 10% off. If you are interested and want to experience the game with an exciting battle scene, you can find out right below.

Previously, Angela Game is also known for the game released for Steam with the theme of war, Iron Conflict – a game that allows you to fight tanks and heavy weapons. It can be said that the launch of the new game Empire of Mythology clearly shows that the company’s orientation is a game with an action war context.

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