Top 10 horror games that bring a terrifying Halloween atmosphere

Top 10 horror games that bring a terrifying Halloween atmosphere

Your Halloween month will have enough horror emotions when experiencing the top of these haunting horror games. Developed by Night School Studio and published by MWM Interactive, Oxenfree is a 2D indie horror adventure game inspired by mysterious, supernatural events. In the first part, gamers will experience the story of Alex, a teenage girl who is on a weekend adventure trip to an island. After a series of mysterious supernatural events take place at Oxenfree II: Lost Signals , gamers will have to help Alex and her friends unravel the secrets that are lurking here.

Top 10 horror games that bring a terrifying Halloween atmosphere

In this new installment, set five years after the events of OXENFREE, Riley returns to her hometown of Camena to investigate mysterious radio signals. What she found was more than what she paid for. How the player responds to the events of the horror game Oxenfree II: Lost Signals , from your colleagues to the ominous creatures you have unleashed is up to you.

Developed by Beaztek Studio, The Scourge is Vietnam’s most impressive horror game project with a haunting urban legend. The Scourge brings a sense of horror when exploiting urban hidden corners with a context that is extremely familiar to every Vietnamese gamer. Even every scene in the daily life of Vietnamese people such as small alleys with roadside shops, walls with drawings and advertisements… everything looks very real and familiar.

The teaser opens with a familiar scene of an apartment with an ancestral altar, then a hallway leading to a mysterious room that plays the song “Love Story of a Virgin Name Thi” by musician Hoang Thi Tho. Inside the room was completely empty. As darkness enveloped the room, a mysterious shadow appeared in the room. Next to the table in that mysterious room was a newspaper clipping about a terrible car crash that left four female victims missing without a trace. Authorities and people are still searching.

Developed by Elf Games and Luna2 Studio, Chidren of Silenttown is a haunting horror role-playing game with impressive hand-drawn graphics for PC gamers. Thereby gamers will be caught up in an adventure to find the truth about the strange village in the middle of the jungle where the main character lives. With a beautiful 2D hand-drawn graphic style with a gloomy atmosphere and a fascinating story, Children of Silent Town makes a strong impression on gamers at first sight. At the same time promises to continue to bring gamers unexpected experiences.

Gamers will play as Lucy, a little girl born and raised in a village deep in the dark forest, which is also inhabited by the most fearsome monsters. People in the village are disappearing strangely every day, Like many other children, Lucy is very afraid of the forest. Scary roars haunt her every night, even in her dreams. But when bravery speaks, this is also the time when the young girl Lucy is old enough to start an adventure to discover the mystery in the forest.

Developed by Dreambyte Games, Forewarned is a survival horror game that can be played with 1-4 friends. Gamers will play the role of archaeologists and be transported to ancient Egypt. Here you will explore tombs, excavate treasures, search for antiquities. However, besides the easy gift, the curses and scary creatures inside the pyramid are what make you care.

The gameplay of the game mainly revolves around exploration and puzzles, through which gamers will enter pyramids and solve ancient puzzles to overcome pitfalls. However, besides the brain hacking challenges of the ancients, the ghosts will not let you easily complete the job. Even if you are unfortunately captured by the dark forces, you will become disgusting creatures and have to hunt your teammates. More specifically, the structure of the tomb is randomly arranged and through which gamers will seem to fall into a maze of battle with no way out while time is running out.

Referring to horror games, exploiting the theme of the apocalypse and monsters flooding the streets seems to be too familiar to today’s gamers. However, for Ann, this is a different story, when this game only exploits the familiar small corner after school, but it is enough to make gamers shiver in the night.

The game’s plot mainly revolves around Ann, a student who is stuck at school after falling asleep in class. But the strange thing is that when you wake up and walk out of the classroom, the surrounding space has changed and become unusually gloomy. This is also the time when gamers must embark on finding out what is going on and helping Ann find a way out of this dark night.

Possessing simple graphics but combined with horror sounds and dark tones, Ann is more than enough to make gamers get goosebumps every time she walks through empty corridors. Even when combined with animated cutscenes, jumpscares are even scarier and surprise gamers more than ever.

Slender: The Arrival is a survival horror game with the main character being Slender Man, the game allows him to watch every action from your perspective, ensuring you will never feel alone again. At the heart of the game, you’re surrounded by millions of stories about this gruesome character: “An unusually tall, thin man in a black suit with a blank, lifeless face.” This will definitely give you a creepy feeling.

The atmosphere in Slender: The Arrival is designed to give players the perfect mix of tension and paranoia. You will find yourself in a dark and menacing world of sensory deprivation and witness a horrifying story filled with haunting images and audio cues that are sure to give you a sense of awe. restless feeling.

Although it is a survival game, the gameplay of Horror Brawl will be a bit different when gamers will become one of the famous supernatural phenomena such as the demon nun Varlak or the cursed doll Anabelle. . You will then be teleported to a mysterious map, where the chase game will officially take place and if you eliminate all other players, you will be the ultimate winner.

It sounds simple enough, but it is only when you experience it that you find “making a ghost is difficult”, especially when the gamer has nothing in his hand, the player already has a bunch of weapons waiting to “meat” the bad ghost. number already. Besides, as a hunter, gamers must think carefully before rushing out to attack their prey if they do not want to reveal their location too soon. Especially in addition to destroying players, gamers can also win easily if they gather all 4 chaos stones.

The context of the game Choo-Choo Charles takes place on an island and in the process of gamers exploring around the island with a small locomotive. You will come across a very scary train monster with a hybrid shape between a giant spider and a locomotive named Charles. Throughout the journey, gamers must find a way to escape this terrifying monster as well as learn strange secrets through stories from the local inhabitants.

To survive and escape the monster named Charles, the player must collect each accessory to upgrade the carriage as well as the weapon. Besides, the open world map of the game is also quite diverse when every time the player moves from one station to another, if lucky Charles will always find you and spread fear with his appearance as well as a good laugh. his horror.

It is known that the image of Charles was inspired by the children’s pillow series Charlie The Choo-Choo Train by famous writer Stephen King and this is also an important knot to open the door to the tower of darkness in this horror universe.

The background of the game Dawn of the Undead bears many similarities with the famous Hollywood series The Walking Dead or Dawn of The Dead. Gamers will play the role of a survivor of the pandemic and now he has to learn how to survive when the zombies have been invading everywhere.

The gameplay of the game mainly focuses on survival through the mission system and the player’s choices. Thereby gamers have quite a few options such as facing zombies directly, hiding or taking advantage of them to attack other targets… However, no matter what the player’s choice is, Dawn of the Undead is still quite there. Many surprises and variables are enough to make gamers jump when experiencing.

In addition, if the gamer is a lover of the “Rambo” school, the game also offers an extremely diverse arsenal of weapons, from melee weapons to pistols, shotguns, even machine guns… for you to satisfy. the ability to discharge bullets into each zombie herd like World War Z.

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