Top 9 best strategy games on mobile in 2022

Top 9 best strategy games on mobile in 2022

The strategic setting in these new strategy games is mixed with other genres that add to the excitement and intellect.

Top 9 best strategy games on mobile in 2022

XCOM: Enemy Within is a graphically rich game with enhanced features. In the game, players will be researching a new alien technology to enhance the abilities of your agents. New technology includes military gene editing and mechanized cyber controllers.

Additionally, the game gives your agents an additional tactical advantage with new projects from the engineering team and the Foundry. Simultaneously adopt new tactics to combat threats from two new types of aliens and a deadly new organization known as EXALT. You’ll also be tasked with investigating terrifying threats in an abandoned fishing village, and defending XCOM headquarters from alien attack in a series of new mission-oriented missions.

Part infrastructure, part international diplomacy, part tactics. XCOM has it all, and the mobile version adds psionic power, crazy mech suits, and more exciting content that makes this game even more special than ever. If you like tactical conundrums and the like, the entire XCOM series offers pretty engaging gameplay and more than enough planning to deserve a spot on the best strategy games list. on mobile.

Banner Saga 2 is a great Nordic fantasy strategy game. Along with its predecessor, the game plunges you into turn-based tactical battles where you must make tough decisions about arming your traveling party and whether or not to interfere in key events. .

The epic award-winning story-driven game continues an emotional journey through a shattered world. The player’s task is to lead your Viking clans across the country on the verge of collapse. You must make bold leadership decisions, manage resources wisely, and strike deftly in battle to survive day after day in the harsh wilderness.

When FTL met Foundation and Dune inspired the arrival of Crying Suns – a tactical simulation mobile game that puts you in the role of a space fleet commander as you uncover the mysteries of a fallen empire. to pour. In this rich experiential story inspired by Dune and the Foundation, each successful challenge uncovers the truth about the Empire…and yourself.

Originally released on PC and Mac, the indie hit Crying Suns has been carefully redesigned for mobile and tablet, including an improved interface and intuitive touchscreen interactions. . A deep and dramatic storyline is structured in 6 chapters with over 300 possible events. Accompanied by a dark and tumultuous atmosphere inspired by favorite SF universes (Foundation, Dune, Battlestar Galactica) that captivates strategy game fans.

After winning with Kingdom Rush, Ironhide Game Studio continues to introduce to the gaming community the most extraordinary RTS game called Iron Marines. Players will engage in challenging epic battles of real-time sci-fi strategy on amazing and unknown planets. Your mission is to command and conquer brave soldiers, mighty mechanics and aliens to fight the hordes of space monsters.

Iron Marines are well-balanced, gorgeous, and overall quite special. Don’t let the adorable cartoon graphics make you believe it’s a shallow game. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. You will run into periods where you may not be able to find a solution, unless you really start rethinking (and rethinking) your strategy.

Accordingly, we’ve had enough of cliché fantasy worlds with brave knights, beautiful dwarves, and jewel-obsessed little people. Generia is just another world… Thankfully there are wicked barbarians who come to loot, bust, drink beer, use inappropriate language, and generally to make things interesting. And guess? It is you who will lead them!

With this strategy game, you don’t have to spend an hour to win a skirmish. Jump right into battle and use your strategic and tactical skills to destroy hundreds of enemies within minutes.

Developed by MegaAdsGames, Trojan War Premium: Legend of Sparta is a unique tactical role-playing game that takes gamers to become a part of the Trojan War that shook Greek mythology. Along with attractive gameplay and the game is being released for free, this will be the perfect choice for gamers to entertain after stressful working hours.

Inspired by the famous war in history, gamers will become a general commanding a Greek army to conquer Troy to reclaim the beautiful Queen Helen. However, the road from Greece to Troy is not smooth, especially in each passing land, gamers will have to encounter countless monsters as well as recruit more heroes to supplement their army throughout. long journey.

According to Greek mythology, the Trojan War was pulled by the gods, through which in Trojan War Premium: Legend of Sparta gamers will have an additional task of uncovering the secrets of the war and dragging the hidden in the shadow. dark before light. This is also the time when gamers can summon gods, Titans or even famous monsters like Cyclop, Hydra into their army.

Project: 1024 is a turn-based role-playing game with unique graphics and design from Augustus Game (a Taiwanese game developer). Although still in the Close Beta testing phase, the 1024 project still leaves a strong impression on the community through its gameplay and deep storyline.

The plot of Project: 1024 is inspired by science fiction, thereby opening the majestic Rodinia continent to mobile gamers. The game context takes place when humanity discovers a special substance called “Star Fog”. This is not only a turning point that opens a new direction in technology but also a potential danger that opens a war that will destroy 90% of humanity worldwide. The survivors gather in a city called Nora, starting from here gamers will be caught up in the war between factions to compete and solve the mysteries of Nora.

In addition to the story mode, the game also brings many different emotions of the role-playing game through the event mechanics, boss challenge, materials search and crafting… Besides the system Diverse character gacha is also an interesting opening factor for gamers to build their own beautiful and beautiful squad.

Rise of Kingdoms is a mobile game in the SLG genre mixed with tactical elements that was first released in September 2018. Initially, the game was called Rise of Civilization then was renamed Rise of Kingdoms in 2019 and this game quickly won the title of “world’s number 1 SLG game”, and was recognized in many countries – including Vietnam.

The success of the mobile game Rise of Kingdoms is no coincidence. This game is a subtle combination between both SLG and RPG elements, making the gameplay of Rise of Kingdoms always keep a high level of freshness, evoking discovery and conquest from players. After nearly 3 years of operation, Rise of Kingdoms has become the world’s No. 1 SLG game in a very convincing way and the number of more than 100 million downloads is the clearest proof.

Not only “pleased” with popular gamers, the mobile game Rise of Kingdoms can even conquer the game market that is considered the most developed and the most difficult in the world, including Korea. Country. With the support from NPH Gamota during its release in the Vietnamese market, Rise of Kingdoms will surely soon become an indispensable spiritual dish for a large number of Vietnamese gamers who are passionate about the tactical SLG game series.

Loyal to the genre is the SLG strategy, but Tam Quoc Chi VTC Mobile promises to bring a fresh feeling when experiencing. This is shown in the gameplay of plotting bold tactics such as: rescuing Dieu Boat, burning food, capturing the stronghold, etc. If in the game Three Kingdoms Truyen Ky, the most important thing is in the stage. When placing generals in battle, in the Three Kingdoms Chi, the success or failure factor is also determined by the player’s matchmaking, skill activation, generals’ predestined conditions, and freedom of movement to attack and dispatch troops in the match.

If the Three Kingdoms Truyen Ky Mobile wallet is a monument in the world of strategy games, then Tam Quoc Chi will be a potential new name that is evaluated as the top choice among rookies preparing to launch the market. According to experts, Tam Quoc Chi VTC Mobile will be warmly received from the moment of its launch thanks to the intrinsic strength of the game. Because, the feeling of crusade, trade, plot, classic stories … are reproduced and touched the deep inner feelings of the fans of the Three Kingdoms.

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