Versace and fendi and the historic transformation of fashion heritage called “fendace”

Versace and fendi and the historic transformation of fashion heritage called "fendace"

On the last day of Milan Fashion Week, Versace and Fendi made fans and the public “explode” when they presented the Fendace collection – a combination product between two leading Italian luxury fashion brands. More than simply a combination to celebrate the long-standing close friendship between two fashion houses, Fendace also marks a historic milestone in the fashion world.

Versace and fendi and the historic transformation of fashion heritage called “fendace”

Unlike the Balenciaga x Gucci combination when the two work together to create flawless garment creations, the Creative Directors of Versace and Fendi have swapped positions and put on a new shirt that contains hidden pieces of clothing. The outstanding DNA of their brand is in charge of the opponent’s designs. If Donatella Versace brings their luxury to Fendi, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Kim Jones embody Versace’s unique fashion vision with their expertise in both tailoring and evening wear.

The origin of this “crazy” sounding idea of ​​​​combining and swapping roles began at the intimate dinner party of the two most famous Italian fashion empires Versace and Fendi in February at Gianni’s House . Here, the four Creative Directors leading two brands including Donatella Versace, Kim Jones, Silvia Venturini Fendi and Delfina Delettrez Fendi happily chatted and ate.

During the conversation, they mentioned Karl Lagerfeld and his intention to combine the fashion heritage of two high-end Italian houses that he had not yet realized. And then, the Fendace fashion swap “game” was born when Donatella was in charge of designing a Fendi collection and vice versa, Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi “blown” Fendi’s soul into Versace’s special products. .

“It was a breakthrough: I designed for Versace and Donatella designed for Fendi . It should be remembered that these two brands are not part of the same group. We just do it as friends and respect each other. It was never planned for commercial purposes.”

On the contrary, Donatella also expressed her admiration for Kim Jones to the media at Versace’s headquarters, “Kim Jones is like my younger brother, personally I am very interested in young designers, and There are many young faces in the design village but not everyone is really good and talented. He (Kim Jones) is an outstanding talent in his own generation and the fashion world today. The items under his talent are not just clothes or accessories, what my brother creates is art” and to her, “Fendace is our own sincere need for fashion. not a commercial or sales association.”

Owning two parts including Versace by Fendi and Fendi by Versace , Fendace brings to the world a unique fashion experience like never before in history when the distinctive heritages of each fashion house appear both strange and familiar on the design. of the rest.

For this collaboration, both brands have come together to share the rare historical documents that make up their fashion empires – something that has never been seen before anywhere. . Without reservation or hiding, they studied each other in a fun and comfortable way so that they could truly understand each other and together create a unique “fashion symphony” that made the whole world take their hat off. praise.

Opening the Fendace show was the Versace by Fendi collection by Creative Directors Kim Jones and Silvia Venturini Fendi. On the catwalk, Versace’s fashion imprints with pins, Baroque art, swimwear and signature color were all perfectly reproduced by the designer duo .

And of course, they also did not forget to include in Fendi’s “soul” collection with details such as the Medusa logo with a reworked circular border with the familiar two-letter F symbol, the words Fendace glittering or The minimalist Fendi First bags are now colorful and textured.

And then, when the snake head logo rotates inward and replaces with the famous two F symbol, that is when Fendi by Versace shines. True to her personality, designer Donatella has brought a “new wind” to bring extreme charm into Fendi’s designs. Challengingly tight see- through dresses, ultra-short mini skirts with monogram prints, and iconic Peekaboo and Baguette bags now take on a new look with signature prints and needles. Versace’s signature tape.

Converging all factors from culture, history, art to applicability as well as the favor of famous names in the fashion and art world, Fendace is predicted to become a “storming” phenomenon. online community in the near future. Both collections will be available exclusively in stores of the two brands in May next year.

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